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Mind Rippers  

Hello, humans!Today I will introduce you to the hungriest division of the Expeditionary Corps. Mind Rippers are specially trained seekers who, in addition to the usual A.U.F. training, undergo body modifications in the Settlement.Since the seekers are a peaceful subspecies, few of them want to return to the surface and again fight with the exalted.  For this reason, they are few in the ranks of E.C. and most often they can be found in search groups. Despite the seeming stupidity of the seek

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2019-03-22 12:52:24


Ongoing digital painting project since Winter-Spring 2017 already.Original inspiration: site represents a vast repository of a sci-fi French collection I used to read, back in the days. The book covers, which were borrowed from great scifi artists, always fascinate me and were a great source of inspiration.As I painted the woman's face from no reference, it got quickly a beautiful Asian look. I struggled to find a context about the location and the

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2019-03-22 12:47:02

Kirino's Complex 6  

This was supposed to be uploaded some time ago, and I completely forgot. I'm sorry.

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2019-03-22 12:31:49

Fighters 51, 52 and 53: Mii Fighters  

Miis by NintendoFirst Appearance: Mii Channel (Wii 2006)Voice Options: Yuji Kishi ; Takashi Ohara ; Ryotaro Okiayu ; Michihiko Hagi ; Hideo Ishikawa ; Kiyoyuki Yanada ; Umeka Shoji ; Ayumi Fujimura ; Makiko Ohmoto ; Minami Takayama ; Kimiko SaitoMiis are personalized Avatars that players can make on their Nintendo consoles starting with the Wii. They can be customized to the players' likings and given names, then used in a myriad of different games. Depending on the game, they can also wear

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2019-03-22 12:16:34


Traced from a screenshot of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Forgotten FriendshipAI file: here

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2019-03-22 12:13:13


Finished up with the DMC girls.Week well spent, ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)b My Patrons will get:Full size JPGHi-res step by step processPSD file-Monori---For PSDs, NSFW, Step by steps, Process Vids, doodles and much more support me here on Patreon!Art Streams on TwitchFB Fan PageTwitter

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2019-03-22 12:06:28

Watercolor Chio  

I've got the chance to paint a newly born esk, and they couldn't been lovlier! <3Chio belongs to FionnaBun, thank you for lending me this beaut! Base Score: 10 AP (Shaded Illustration)+5 AP (Full Body)+5 AP (Abstract/Minimal Background)+5 AP (Personal Work Bonus)+10 AP (Other Esk Bonus: 10 AP * 1)Total AP per submission: 35Base Score: 4 GP (Shaded Illustration)+2 GP (Full Body)+2 GP (Abstract/Minimal Background)Total GP per submission: 8Esk are a closed species created and owne

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2019-03-22 11:39:46

le papillon  

le premier

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2019-03-22 11:36:15

[SFM] [MLP] [DL] Tank Top for V3 EQG  

A simple model this time, this one has three bodygroups for the size of the tank Sindroom's V3 EQG models

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2019-03-22 11:35:21


SIXTEEN DAYS LEFT to get my Tutorials BOOKS ONLY on KICKSTARTER These books will NOT BE AVAILABLE in SHOPS or ONLINE outside of Kickstarter for the REST OF THE YEAR! Get them now, before they're GONE! Lorenzo!

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2019-03-22 11:30:55

-TDA Pierrot-girl Miku- [DL NOW]  

Just be fun with our circus!!=TDA Pierror-girl Miku=Thank you all of you for downloaded! Please let me see how you work with this model!!Meta render : [View]-Credits :Base : : NetEase and akdereburStage : follow the Rules :・Please follow TDA's original rules.&#

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2019-03-22 11:28:46

Kidnapped by the Mouse Mafia  

I dunno I just wanted to draw Gazelle from Zootopia real quick :/I added the little guy because I thought the pic felt boring

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2019-03-22 11:05:51

Blue roses - commission  

Hello! I hope you like itCommission for MidnightkiiittyArt by More artwork media: for the favs!Dark grey character in black clothes, night, snow, blue light ... It is still difficult to draw for me. but it was an interesting challenge

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2019-03-22 10:53:05

Pollution Demon  

And here’s another piece that I did for The Final Samurai artbook last year. I’m blaming this fella here for all my rainbow obsession which I have lately. Anyway, this is another piece that was super fun to draw and like usually, it was done in Photoshop CC with Wacom Cintiq 27QHD.TOOLS & INFO Adobe Photoshop CC tablet Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Original size is 4783 x 6500px On Tumblr you can see it hereOther art done for the artbook... I hope you like it

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2019-03-22 10:22:28

Spring Glow  

Cute Kirin The wallpaper is available in: 5120 x 2880p64bitYou are allowed to use this artwork if you credit me.All constructive criticisms / comments / feedback are welcomed!Non-commercial / profit purposes.RESOURCE:Kirin #2 - VECTOR by CirillaqLike what you are seeing? Why not leave a comment or a fave or both?CHECK OUT MY: PROFILE | GALLERY | WALLPAPERSMY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC © HASBRO STUDIOS, DHX MEDIA & LAUREN FAUSTI own nothing but the background.All the resources

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2019-03-22 10:22:24

TLH AU 2001 - Luna Loud Theme for Windows XP  

It's a perfect combination of 2001 experience. Windows XP's Blue Luna style Theme and this TLH AU 2001 designed by TheFreshKnightThe Loud House - Nickelodeon

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2019-03-22 09:55:38

Orc Anatomy details  

The primate orc idea is proving to be a very interesting one to expand on. A fully grown orc would average around 1.60m tall and weigh some 120kg (apologies to you, medieval people using the imperial system), standing thus between a human's and a dwarf's average height. I can barely imagine how much of a formidable foe one of them would be, considering they would not lack in strength, speed and toughness if compared to a Chimp or Gorilla. Those animals are known for their brutal streng

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2019-03-22 09:41:19


Sudol 's Ronya, she's so beautiful that I had to draw herBase Score: 10 AP (Shaded Illustration)+5 AP (Full Body)+5 AP (Abstract/Minimal Background)+5 AP (Personal Work Bonus)+10 AP (Other Esk Bonus: 10 AP * 1)Total AP per submission: 35Base Score: 4 GP (Shaded Illustration)+2 GP (Full Body)+2 GP (Abstract/Minimal Background)Total GP per submission: 8

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2019-03-22 09:28:11

I dream with my eyes open.  

This south east Iceland. It is an ice-covered volcano in largest active volcano and the highest peak in Iceland at 2,110 metres (6,920 ft), it lies within the Vatnajökull National Park and is covered by the glacier.“I dream with my eyes open.”  Jules Verne

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2019-03-22 09:24:51

stained bed covers  

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2019-03-22 09:21:34

Science Sheltie - Page 4  

So...I entered a contest about creating science comics for 8-12 year old kids. They wanted 4 pages and a concept for 16 more pages and would pick the 4 best comics. The prize would have been enough to survive financially for a whole year and finally get some time for my own art and ideas instead of gradually getting a burn out from all the commission work and worrying if I'll manage to cover my costs each month. Well,I didn't win. Of course, because why should anything I do ever work o

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2019-03-22 08:42:42


“From this point forward, I will do nothing that would upset Corrin. Though, if Corrin asks, I wouldn't object to taking one or two of you out.”Camilla, The Warrior Princess of Nohr will stop at nothing to crush her opponents all for   Hai sai !! Jaden Kaiba are 2 persons (in fact Twins) and both are

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2019-03-22 08:36:05

Hey Stevie  

Jeje perdonar se que siempre lo digo peroo e estado bastante ocupado :""u , pero bueno al menos tengo algo de tiempo de dibujar algo xT, y pues ahora quise hacer esto mm herosteve muchos me lo han estado pidiendo ;^ ... y a mi me gusta tambien xDHehe sorry I always say it but I've been quite busy: "" u, but well at least I have some time to draw something xT, and now I wanted to do this mm herosteve many have been asking me; ^ ... I like it too xD Hey visitar mi tumblr ;

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2019-03-22 08:29:31


"Not strictly a lizard nor a bird, the predator isn't too dissimilar to a bird of prey but its size and way of moving doesn't fit the characteristics of any common raptor. Instead of flying the creature climbs, leaps and maneuvers through the branches at an unprecedented speed."Yet another example of me trying to dial up the vibrancy in my drawings, which unsurprisingly is pretty difficult, especially if I'm used to using quite unsaturated colours.  Regardless, I'm quite

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2019-03-22 07:54:58

DOA Pose Pack 15  

 Contains 13 poses into a single pack. Made in Blender using Ik / Fk chains (more fluid poses)You'll need to adjust the pose according to the applied modelCompatible with A or Start default pose models and most of all DOA models and SF models for XNalara/XPS. You can convert a 'Star Pose' into a 'A Pose' here: & any problems let me know!

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2019-03-22 07:20:56

Boxmore Bots Goodguy Redesign  

Aartistboy714 asked me to draw the Boxmore bots Shannon, Raymond, and Darrel as good guys. I redesigned each of them according to what I thought they might look like as heroes instead of villains. I tried to have a little fun with it in the process.Shannon:I made her button and eyes the colors they were in "Rad Likes Robots" after she fell in love. I thought it would be appropriate for a hero Shannon and a good nod to the original material. I opted for a more rounded and more girly appearance. I

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2019-03-22 07:15:35

EFEHRAL NYHTRU Gothic Dragon style necklace  

Fully handmade work: Exclusive, gothic style necklace.Materials: Sterling Silver, Fine Silver & Moonstone.Facebook page shop shop

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2019-03-22 07:03:38


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2019-03-22 06:37:35

commission for stromo  

FOXIINE pour stromo _______]]]]] 🇧🇪FRANCAIS Ceci n est pas mon personnage.Svp ne pas voler ou copier mes idées ou art pour le simple respect des artistes . .J'autorise le partage si vous me créditez ( m'identifier ) . .Retrouvez aussi mon site web avec Ma boutique / ma galerie / des infos /commissions…..👉 👈 ._______________________>

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2019-03-22 06:34:30

MMD Hee Ho Mart/Convenience Store Download  

I've been sitting on this stage for a while now and I've been a lazy butt about releasing it, but I finally got around to it so here you go!! It might be useful for people who are making comics with OCs or whatever, so have fun with itI spent a long ass time fixing up transparency Please just credit when using and don't reupload? Just link back here thanks.AND DON'T COMMENT THINGS LIKE DL'D OR DOWNLOADED NO SPAM THANKS :KNIFE:This stage is ripped from the Wii U game

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2019-03-22 06:34:29

Needle felted fantasy deer  

NOT FOR SALE! Size: 30 x 35 cm Materials: wool, glass eyes, polymer clay, frame, artificial fur. The magnet was made in 2019The toy is mobile; it is executed on a wire frame thanks to which you can change the position of a tail and paws.

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2019-03-22 06:32:12

rogue blank cover  

here's a blast from the past that I just saw for sale on ebay. Early on, most of the blank covers had horrible paper to draw on with markers, this XMen cover was a rare exception so I cherished them

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2019-03-22 06:16:53

Happy Birthday to Rowe and Phil  

dedicated to used

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2019-03-22 06:13:37


Finished YCH you so much!•Time - 8 hoursProgram - SAI and PS CS 6Tablet - Intuos Pro SVK use or copy.

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2019-03-22 06:12:45

Fifi Friday- Unfinished Stuff and Things  

This week I've been working on all the autograph prints for Whinny City Ponycon as well as attempting to finally get over this ongoing sick/crud/plague that's been stuck in my lungs since getting home from vacation.  With those two things as well as work and occasionally sleeping on my agenda, I haven't had much free time to prepare for #FifiFriday!  So here's a few random pieces; unused models, alternate versions, President Gogo and some various prop items I'v

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2019-03-22 06:06:03

Norse Raven Muninn - Water Tribal Design  

This is DavidS's completed commission design, four of eight, this one of Muninn, one of Odin's raven in Norse mythology, created in water tribal style. I do apologize for the obnoxious watermarks but they have been put in place to help cut down on the prolific theft of my artwork as well as to protect the commissioned art that was designed for my clients' use. It is an intensely frustrating thing seeing a design you worked so hard to create being reposted or even sold elsewhere wi

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2019-03-22 05:55:31

Fallen from Grace  

FIFTH ARTWORK OF 2019And we go back to dark... Hope you enjoy! ---- LET'S CONNECT ON SOCIAL MEDIA ----Facebook page: group for authors & friends: CREDITS - - - - - - - - - - The rest was painted or my own and/or purchased from COPYRIGHT NOTICE ----My artworks and photographs

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2019-03-22 05:37:02


commission for @/tearin00 (instagram)character belongs to them . Really enjoyed drawing him ~

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2019-03-22 05:25:50


Nude girl posing in the studio

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2019-03-22 05:22:35

The beauty of Yharnam ( Bloodborne )  


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2019-03-22 05:03:02

ES: Special Chapter 8.1 -page 4-  

-coming soon-Pokemon (c) Nintendo

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2019-03-22 05:02:53

Tears of Joy  

you'll have to do better than that!" Rainbow threw a roundhouse kick at him. Quickly reacting, Johnny blocked her attack and managed to land a few body blows to her ribcage, and kicked her away. Hitting the ground, Rainbow quickly got back up glaring at him. "Alright pal... now I've had it!" she leaped into the air, preparing to kick him as hard as she could.Johnny anticipated this, and smirked as his right hoof began to glow green. He tossed

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2019-03-22 04:58:57

WG -Giftart-  

Nothing like drawing your friend a gift because they're having a bad few days to break your artblock... Hopefully Anyways. Just a quick giftart for my friend Jason (aka   , or Wolf Genesis ) of a character I created for him for his birthday some months ago.I don't remember if he ever got around to naming her.She is a wolf fox hybrid I guess?Again I don't remember.Anyways! Glad to make you happy dude.Enjoy!-DanielleThis is a gifted work, a drawing for

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2019-03-22 04:57:12


WHAT THE FUCK DEVIANT? WHY I CAN NOT UPDATE DESCRIPTION?My Portfolio on ShutterStockMore pics:More stuff: Mature Content Mature Content Mature Content M

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2019-03-22 04:56:23

Someday I'll be heard  

But for now, that's only in my imagination.I often fantasize about what it would be heard on a massive scale. It's funny how I go on twitter and just leave a tiny little tweet on some huge controversy. What would it be like to have a verification checkmark, and everything you say floods the airwaves. Maybe I'd actually make a difference. Who knows. But anyway, more microphones, a little more rainbow color. I'm really trying to put the way I feel into a more illustrative

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2019-03-22 04:53:11

Slime Kitsune Fusion  

Another slime kitsune fusion piece

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2019-03-22 04:52:51

Stock: Thee Sylvia Nylon Feet - 28 Images  

Stock: Thee Sylvia Nylon Feet - 28 ImagesAs with all my stock art reference images, your download includes a copyright license for the commercial use and sale of your new artwork.  You're NOT just limited to DA print sales or downloads.  Includes 3000 pixel (long edge) jpgs, copyright license and contact sheet in one zip file.

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2019-03-22 04:45:23

Archives: Jet Flight  

Figured I'd post something for the Ariel Archives today instead of going through my usual routine of posting Fakemon because it's been a little while since I've posted an old drawing.  I wanted to post something Kirby-related, since I haven't been posting Kirby fan art recently, so I dug around in my folder containing all my Kirby-related traditional artwork and found this.As you probably guessed, this is fan art for Kirby: Planet Robobot.  This was actually drawn b

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2019-03-22 04:38:26

Match - Now Available!  

Get it here:Gumroador(Will be available from GiantessKatelyn's store soon)In a mixed-size world, where Miniature people and those of 'normal' size coexist, two women bond over their shared sadistic desires.Lyndsey and Madeline couldn't appear to be more different. Lyndsey is a pink-haired punk with a troubled past, and Madeline is prim and sunny from a privileged upbringing. But they have at least one thing in common: the sensual urge to hurt, torture, and crush Miniature peo

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2019-03-22 04:35:04

Sam Sparks [Comm 28]  


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2019-03-22 04:28:40

Thank You, Loyal Customers!  

Art by Jessie, Kim, Rachel, Rowena, and Man Squishers belong to Snow belongs to , one of our Patreon supporters!Want to support Man Squishers, get rewards, or join our Discord community? Check out there are two other versions of this commission on Patreon as well! This one, one with no blur effect, and one with no tinies underfoot!)You can also follow me on and all the othe

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2019-03-22 04:25:28

Come At Us  

This is old art, follow me where I'm more active for up to date uploads:• FurAffinity• Tumblr• Twitter• Patreon• Ko-Fi

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2019-03-22 04:22:24


| Birthday gift for Cami of our sweet boys ;3c --- Cecil and art (c) Leopychan Lucienpaw (c) camilionkd

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2019-03-22 04:17:53

OTV: Chapter 2: Page 68  

Next: Coming FridayPrevious: Cover: They find a strange mirror in a seemingly empty room.  But they have a little more to be concerned about.  ------Undertale belongs to Toby Fox------Tumblr for Undertale Fanart Tumblr for Original Art Twitter Hey, if you're able, and would like to read ahead a page or two, support me on Patreon . ^^

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2019-03-22 04:12:13

Stairs and Scout 3  

Check out this small series, shot by Nicotine Bandit Photography, up now at Nicotine Bandit PhotographyModel: Chelsea Christian (Me)

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2019-03-22 04:11:21

Miku Getting Fat  

Commission for Hope you like.Miku is from quintessential quintuplets/I own nothing 

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2019-03-22 04:11:03

Cosmic Journey  

Premium 4k wallpaper for personal use only.Copyright © by Gene Raz von Edler aka Ellysiumn. All rights reserved. My artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published or uploaded in any way without my written permission.Stocks purchased from Adobe stocks, painted and my own resources.Tools: PS CC 2018 and Wacom Intuos Pro L.InstagramTwitterArtStation

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2019-03-22 04:10:14

[COMM] for Elfiegami - KAMI and HIRO  

gay couple? hot sausage? mature content? you can see IT RIIIIGHT AT THIS COUPLE, THEY'RE LOVELY HELP~READ PLEASE:  ** 1 WEEK LEFT!! Would you have interest on the fast sketches for 6$ each? I will be doing a stream for them so you can see me drawing on PicartoTV :3 please, if you’re down for it or not, drop a comment! here or at this journal: (ONE WEEK LEFT) SKETCH STREAMS! READ THE INFOS!Well, since you fel

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2019-03-22 04:10:12

Goku MUI without aura  

Facebook :- Twitter :- Instgram :- welcome - ultra instinctgoku ultra instinct masteredgoku ultra instinct popgoku ultra instinct gifgoku ultra instinct wallpapergoku ultra instinct live wallpapergoku ultra instinct drawinggoku ultra instinct figuregoku ultra instinct p

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2019-03-22 04:06:37

Meeting Dad (ENG)  

Un nuevo pic protagonizado por Lola pollo nuevamente, esta vez en una situacion divertida, donde les presenta a sus "hijos" a su nuevo "padre". Espero les guste como siempre.

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2019-03-22 03:59:11

SR Comic: Pg 87  

Hope you like it! Pg 88: Next FridayPg 86:Pg 1: SR Comic: Pg1 *Redone*Original version (for those who still want to read/compare the old pages, I won't delete them) : Scarlet River: Pg 1Written Version:  Scarlet River P1        The moon was a sliver in the sky, only dimly shining on a winter night. Darkness clung to the snow-covered forest below; deep shadows lying beneath the bare, black branches. Through thick swathes of snow a young cat str

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2019-03-22 03:58:22

Ink Shadowfrost  

About the Pic's Creation:Ink Shadowfrost! Another Vultrix of mine and another snowy picture. This one is actually more recent then a lot of the stuff you'll see me posting. A month or two back I think? I can't remember for sure but it was sometime this year. I screwed up the lines on this one in that dark vultrix I do thick lines on and light ones I do thin. The reason why is pretty straightforward. The dark ones need it so you can see what they are, I also use it for their glow.

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2019-03-22 03:53:39

TLH - Dancing (Luan and Benny)  

Another Luan and Benny again. XD The Loud House - Nickelodeon

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2019-03-22 03:50:36


I watched this video where a japanese professional artist/animator a brilliant piece of drawing with just 1 hour. The artist uses some techniques that I never seen before and I tried to learn the techniques and recreate it. small gif of this picture is available on patreon! If you like my drawings, please support me on

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2019-03-22 03:48:17

Abyssal Siren  

“Save your hubris for another. Beneath the seas lie ruined cities greater than any we have built. No-one knows how old they are – but some say the pale shapes that glide through the dark waters, seeing with sound, are the ghosts of their inhabitants, and the haunting songs they sing hold the secrets of a vanished world…”

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2019-03-22 03:42:46

Transparent PNG - Nero Claudius (Fate)  

✯ The original artist did give me permission to post this. Picture : I highly recommend you to check out the original artist: ➣ Pixiv: motokonut

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2019-03-22 03:42:33

Get a Life: Feedback time  

So, we're between story arcs--which you probably call chapters--in Get a Life.  Got comments you are dying to make or questions you want to ask either me or the cast?  Now's the time and the comments section down below is the place!

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2019-03-22 03:40:30

Adopt - CatRPG3 [Open 3/3]  

RPg theme kitties - high classBerserk - $12 USD by paypalPaladin - $12 USD by paypalRouge - $ 12 USD by paypalI'll send you the individual imagen in a note. Berserk and Paladin come with they weapons ----Rules----- You may not claim the artwork or design as your own, but don't need to credit me every time you draw it.- Plz don't resell but you can give it as a gift- Only for personal use.If you are interested in commissions you can visit my profile or send me a note <

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2019-03-22 03:39:23

Minty Mallard  

You can find my premade items for sale here (if you do not see this there then it has sold) lovely little pastel colored mallard duck was made on a 3d printed base by Fuzzbutt Fursuits with built in moving jaw, eye area slightly altered, furred and detailed by me Also staring in this picture my own 2 duckie boys, Snowy and Drake (most original names ever I know lol) a call duck and a mallard, they are such (messy) cute little sweeties <3

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2019-03-22 03:36:01

Too Big For Her Own Good Sample 5  

These are samples from Too Big For Her Own Good drawn by talented and co-written by amazing . It's a female muscle growth comic about a champion female bodybuilder who uses illegal fmg pills to win competitions. Two amateur fbb competitors find the pills and take them in order to cut her down to size, or rather grow to her size. Lots and lots of fmg in this comic 7 pages full of it in the main comic. The girls grow really, really big in this issue. Also included are some sexy fmg pinups. T

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2019-03-22 03:30:39

Hawaiian rollercoaster ride  

Recently watched Lilo & Stitch again, and drew Imani, chibi!Alex and Summer surfing~ I was fighting with the way the waves were colored so I had to look up some fanart to make it easier for me.Lilo & Stitch (c) DisneyOriginal characters, artwork (c) Mine

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2019-03-22 03:28:30

Classic Majestic  

I wanted to draw Majestic again because he was fun to draw last time. ^^ I felt like drawing him in classic style because the classics are always adorable <3 I hope you like it ^^I made a silly drawing if he was a waiter here lol------->>> and art belongs to me.

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2019-03-22 03:22:59

Daily Paint 2312. Triceramic A big thanks to my Patrons for supporting my work! For time-lapses, WIP's and other goodies ---please check out my Patreon.Patreon Other sites to follow my work Facebook Twitter For any business related inquiries please send me an e-mail at

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2019-03-22 03:21:57

Robot stamp  

Very long, admittedly, but also pretty self-explanatory.Provoked by me clashing into that phenomenon as of late....Humans seem to value machines over actual living beings.It's disgusting and just.... fundamentally wrong.Then a friend shared with me that humans sometimes even get offended if you refer to their robots as "it"....Even if they still widely refer to non-human animals as "it" and that doesn't seem to bother them.It's just a figure of speech, you'll say. But why doe

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2019-03-22 03:20:58

The Return of Power Princess!  

Power Princess is returning for her first sequel! "Wet Nurse Leaks Again!"To celebrate, we're having a Super-fun contest. It's super-easy to enter... All you have to do is come up with a tagline for the cover. I know you don't have much information about the story, but if you've read the Power Princess comic, you'll know that Wet Nurse is dressed like a sexy nurse who intends to "nurse her way to the top".Wet Nurse has very big, very full breasts- they are her "super pow

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2019-03-22 03:20:31


☆*:.。. o .。.:*☆ o ☆*:.。. o .。.:*☆ o ☆*:.。. o     Twitter    o .。.:*☆ o ☆*:.。. o .。.:*☆ o ☆*:.。. o .。.:*☆It's been almost a year since I drew the artwork that is my current profile picture (titled "Winter"). I always wanted to do the redraw challenge but was never m

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2019-03-22 03:16:29

TDA Face Texture Pack - Download  

Rules -No commercial use!-Do NOT Claim as your own-Always Credit-Do not redistribute unless on finished model-No Editing ANY textures unless you credit both Glitchex and TDA for the original textureWhat it comes free to request a texture.

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2019-03-22 03:10:14

Emoji cluster adopts (OPEN)  

Ive got a killer headache so Ive been taking it easy! Made these two emoji cluster inspired fellas!Comment down below or note me if youre interested in snagging these fellas!

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2019-03-22 03:09:46

*This side up*  

A while back I got a tablet and more recently a pen to draw with, so I decided to try it out and draw this silly little sequence involving Maya and . Drawing on a tablet is sooo much easier than it is with a mouse, so let me know if you guys would like to see more stuff like this!

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2019-03-22 03:09:09

Yatsuhashi 3.0  

Yatsuhashi #RWBY 3.0 You can find the HD file on my Patreon : along with Photoshop files and other versions !

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2019-03-22 03:01:51

Something New [grayscale]  

🌸 Facebook 🌸Youtube 🌸 Twitter 🌸 Tumblr 🌸 Instagram 🌸 Commissions 🌸 ☕ Please consider tipping/ donating on Ko-fi.  🌸 Patreon coming soon! Something old, something new... Character: Babylon (me)Dimensions: 4.25 x 5.6 in apx (10.8 x 14.22 cm apx) paperMaterials: Ink lines, graphite.  Do NOT steal, use, reproduce, edit, change, trace, make a base of, re-post, re-upload, mov

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2019-03-22 02:58:51

Sinnple Trade  

Did smoll Trade with of their Lizard sona Nell Pls dont ask about the trades, im not taking any new ones atm 

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2019-03-22 02:58:33

Harvey Beaks 4 MAP part 15  

Eyy i can finally submit this art i've made for a very nice MAP that hosted!Here's the link: []

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2019-03-22 02:55:17


/fās/noun    1. the front part of a person's head from the forehead to the chin, or the corresponding part in an animal.Source: googlenot much today.. *yawn I did finish a few new art but... Still lazy on uploading 

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2019-03-22 02:54:46

I said no turgling  

Believe it or not I drew this ages ago but debated whether or not to post it for months on end. Having my tumblr hijacked and my queue burned through ended up forcing my hand in a sense... gotta post SOMEthing, this is done, and I do like how this came out, even though I'm worried some people might be a bit too into the idea of being menaced by Gaster with a ruler, haha. Well it is what it is.and it felt embarrassing to even be adjacent to the baldi bandwagon while it was happening since it

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2019-03-22 02:51:20

Hanging On For Dear Life - Male Pose Reference  

CRITIQUE NOT DESIRED  Why?Read the Rules before you use this stock.Check FAQ!🎨 Warm up with the web app! SenshiStock Sketch🌟 Become a Patron and get exclusive and advanced stock access including Pack Subsciption.Social Media LinksFacebook ⚫ Tumblr ⚫ Instagram ⚫ Twitter ⚫ Personal/Art TwitterSenshiStock MerchPose Reference BooksPose Reference USB DrivesFAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissio

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2019-03-22 02:50:59

(SSLW) Ryusoulger  

Giratto hikaru Sword! Chikatte Battle Road!Yume wa hitori de miru yori minna de, miru hodo tsuyoku naru!Kakan to genkai nado, dokantto koete Go!Seigi ni tsukae yami wo tate! Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger!Here is Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger from Super Sentai Legend Wars. Use in XPS.Included in this pack:1. RyusoulRed, RyusoulBlue, RyusoulPink, RyusoulGreen, and RyusoulBlack.2. The "Kono Kanji" form for Red (TsuyoSoul), Blue (NobiSoul), and Green (HayaSoul). Not shown in the preview.3. The w

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2019-03-22 02:48:40

Battle Of The Ancients  

Despite civilizations rising, falling, and conquering each other over the course of a few millennia, they were hopelessly underprepared for the very foundations of space and time to be torn, inverted and rewritten under their feet. Civilization shortly was decimated by impossible battles of ancient beings who decided that this particular planet would be their battleground.Apo + image, or modifications of this image, is not to be used, reuploaded,

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2019-03-22 02:48:34

I Should Be Over The Butterflies  

Patreon request! A patron asked for some (long overdue) Wave Rider and Marina content. Have some new girlfriends figuring themselves outnotes on Marina and Wave (from my tumblr):  -Marina is the daughter of Coco Pommel. Coco was well past her prime child-bearing years and had kinda assumed the the odds of her ever having a foal were next to zero. Although Coco was flabbergasted when she came up pregnant, it was love at first sight the second she got to hold her teeny 'Rina. Marina̵

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2019-03-22 02:44:54

Evening (Mg 0837)  

This is the western side of the island     It is kind of interesting that there is a similar tree on each side.

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2019-03-22 02:43:48


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2019-03-22 02:34:28


  English version-----She was trapped for more than 30 years in a parallel world inside a music box, until one day this box becomes a decoration of a new restaurant in the city, and an attraction for children .. here begins the story of MARIONETTE.Soon the reference sheet Versión española-----Ella se quedó atrapada por más de 30 años en un mundo paralelo dentro de una caja de música, hasta que un día esta caja se vuelve una decoración de un nuevo rest

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2019-03-22 02:32:34

[MMD|DL] Deerling Set  

Just a set of some cute deer ears, decorative antlers, and some sunflowers.Enjoy!!Consider checking me out on other platforms!Twitter | Artstation | Sketchfab | Facebook | ThingiverseTerms for my 3D & Texture Data

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2019-03-22 02:28:58

The giant Torii WIP  

It's not finished yetTools: PaintStorm and PhotoshopCopyright © by Gene Raz von Edler aka Ellysiumn. All rights reserved. My artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published or uploaded in any way without my written permission.

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2019-03-22 02:28:54

This is how I wash my hair  

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2019-03-22 02:24:38

More Ponies  

Continuing from my humanization of the Mane Six of My Little Pony, I added some more characters I felt like I needed to do right now. I think I'll keep doing these until the show actually ends this year as a farewell to the series. Maybe the next set will be the my Patreon to get first looks at all my completed

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2019-03-22 02:24:07

Grey Butcherbird [juv] 2169  

The grey butcherbird (Cracticus torquatus) is a widely distributed species endemic to Australia. It occurs in a range of different habitats including arid, semi-arid and temperate zones. It is found across southern Australia, but is absent from the deserts of central Australia and the monsoon tropics of northern Australia.[2] It has a characteristic "rollicking" birdsong. It appears to be adapting well to city living, and can be encountered in the suburbs of many Australian cities including Sydn

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2019-03-22 02:15:07

everyone's smiles shine so brightly.  

practicing painting. the ending of sun & moon as well as the lillie and lusamine scene makes me cry every time honestlylike my art? consider donating to me or commissioning me!ko-fi / commissions—want to see more art from me? check out the rest of my gallery or my tumblr!gallery / tumblrall rights reservedplease do not trace, edit, copy, steal, resell, redistribute or otherwise use my artwork unless given explicit permission! commissioners may repost and use their commissions with cred

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2019-03-22 02:08:15


I bought lots of Primroses and Polyanthus for my garden. Soooo many different colours and patterns but unfortunately we had heavy rain before I could get some decent photos of them. If they last a bit longer I will try again.Can I thank in advance here for any favs you may grant as I do truly appreciate them. My work is copyrighted ©2019 *Deb-e-ann & *Kismetart&photographyMy images belong only to me and are not for public use or stock photos. Therefore my photos are not to be r

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2019-03-22 02:05:51

Paint Me Like One Of Those French Girls  

When: September 2, 2018Where: Zoo Antwerpen, BelgiumLittle Tinka, being totally adorable and kind of flirting with the camera Species: Spectacled or Andean Bear (Brilbeer) Latin name: Tremarctos Ornatus Originates from certain parts of South America. Current status: Vulnerable  Did you know: …The Spectacled Bear is mostly vegetarian. …It is the only species of Bear that originates from South America. …Despite the large region where the Spectacled Bear can be found, and

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2019-03-22 02:01:42

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