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Space News From SpaceDaily.Com

Space News from SpaceDaily.Com brings the space industry professional daily news from the frontier, with contract, bid, launch and on-orbit satellite news as it happens. Comprehensive daily news resource on space science and industry. Includes updated overview of news from multiple sources.

Lockheed awarded $506.9M contract for PAC-3 missiles  

Washington (UPI) Mar 15, 2019 The U.S. Army awarded Lockheed Martin a $506.9 million contract to build the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles. The contract is for incidental services, hardware, facilities, equipment, as well as all technical, planning, management, manufacturing and testing efforts to produce the Patriot, which is an acronym for the Phased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept on Target, the Departme

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2019-03-22 11:55:53

A Cosmic Bat in Flight  

Munich, Germany (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) has caught a glimpse of an ethereal nebula hidden away in the darkest corners of the constellation of Orion (The Hunter) - NGC 1788, nicknamed the Cosmic Bat. This bat-shaped reflection nebula doesn't emit light - instead it is illuminated by a cluster of young stars in its core, only dimly visible through the clouds of dust. Scientific instruments have com

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2019-03-22 11:44:55

Rocket Crafters pivots with new patents for 3D-printed fuel  

Cocoa FL (UPI) Mar 21, 2019 In the new commercial space age, patents and intellectual property for rocket engines mean everything, as the founders of Florida startup Rocket Crafters Inc. demonstrated recently. The scrappy space company works out of a gritty garage in Cocoa, about 15 miles from Kennedy Space Center. It made Florida space startup Rocket Crafters pivots with new patents for 3D-printed fuels when it land

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2019-03-22 11:37:16

Probability of catastrophic geomagnetic storm lower than estimated  

Barcelona, Spain (SPX) Mar 13, 2019 Three mathematicians and a physicist from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), the Mathematics Research Centre (CRM) and the Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics (BGSMath) propose a mathematical model which allows making reliable estimations on the probability of geomagnetic storms caused by solar activity. The researchers, who published the study in the journal Scientific Repo

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2019-03-22 11:27:21

Taking gravity from strength to strength  

Paris (ESA) Mar 21, 2019 Ten years ago, ESA launched one of its most innovative satellites. GOCE spent four years measuring a fundamental force of nature: gravity. This extraordinary mission not only yielded new insights into our gravity field, but led to some amazing discoveries about our planet, from deep below the surface to high up in the atmosphere and beyond. And, this remarkable mission continues to realise new s

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2019-03-22 09:49:52

New report on industrial physics and its role in the US economy  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 11, 2019 Industrial physics plays a significant role in driving the U.S. economy, according to a new report by the American Physical Society, which will be described this week at the 2019 APS March Meeting in Boston. The report, "The Impact of Industrial Physics on the U.S. Economy," found that industrial physics contributed an estimated $2.3 trillion in 2016, which was 12.6 percent of the gross do

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2019-03-22 09:35:34

Astrobiology seminar aims to inspire a look into the bounds of life  

Madison WI (SPX) Mar 22, 2019 "It's something everyone's asked themselves at one point," says Lena Vincent. "How did life arise, and is it anywhere else?" Vincent asks herself these questions every day. It's her job as a graduate student researcher in astrobiology, an interdisciplinary science trying to chip away at some of life's biggest mysteries. By bringing together biologists, chemists, engineers, astronomers and others

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2019-03-22 06:53:06

Mitigating the loss of satellite data by using CubeSat remote sensing tech  

Beijing, China (SPX) Mar 21, 2019 Advanced infrared and microwave sounding systems, usually onboard traditional polar-orbiting satellites, provide atmospheric sounding information critical for nowcasting and weather forecasting through data assimilation in numerical weather prediction models. This means weather forecasts have become increasingly dependent on satellite observations. But what if we lose one or more of these instru

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2019-03-22 05:27:53

Storm rages in cosmic teacup  

Cambridge MA (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 Fancy a cup of cosmic tea? This one isn't as calming as the ones on Earth. In a galaxy hosting a structure nicknamed the "Teacup," a galactic storm is raging. The source of the cosmic squall is a supermassive black hole buried at the center of the galaxy, officially known as SDSS 1430+1339. As matter in the central regions of the galaxy is pulled toward the black hole, it is energized by t

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2019-03-22 05:09:33

Giant X-ray 'Chimneys' Exhaust Energy Produced in the Galactic Center  

Los Angeles CA (SPX) Mar 21, 2019 The center of our galaxy is a frenzy of activity. A behemoth black hole - 4 million times as massive as the Sun - blasts out energy as it chows down on interstellar detritus while neighboring stars burst to life and subsequently explode. Now, an international team of astronomers has discovered two exhaust channels - dubbed "galactic center chimneys" - that appear to funnel matter and energ

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2019-03-22 04:44:37

A decade on, smartphone-like software finally heads to space  

Washington (AFP) March 20, 2019 Once a traditional satellite is launched into space, its physical hardware and computer software stay mostly immutable for the rest of its existence as it orbits the Earth, even as the technology it serves on the ground continues to change. Just as some aerospace start-ups are developing technologies to repair, modify or refuel satellites to prolong their lives, some satellite manufacturers

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2019-03-22 04:09:38

ExoMars landing platform arrives in Europe with a name  

Paris (ESA) Mar 22, 2019 The platform destined to land on the Red Planet as part of the next ExoMars mission has arrived in Europe for final assembly and testing - and been given a name. An announcement was made by the Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos of its new name: 'Kazachok'. The ExoMars programme is a joint endeavour between ESA and Roscosmos and comprises two missions. The Trace Gas Orbiter is

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2019-03-22 03:45:09

Testing the value of artificial gravity for astronaut health  

Paris (ESA) Mar 22, 2019 Test subjects in Cologne, Germany will take to their beds for 60 days from 25 March as part of a groundbreaking study, funded by European Space Agency ESA and US space agency NASA, into how artificial gravity could help astronauts stay healthy in space. Carried out at the German Aerospace Center's (DLR) :envihab facility, the long-term bedrest study is the first of its kind to be conducted

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2019-03-22 03:45:03

The time to apply to space for humanity is now!  

Denver CO (SPX) Mar 22, 2019 Space for Humanity website is live! This platform has expanded the application process to both video and written applications, features a new astronaut portal and a social impact portal, and a number of additional ways to participate. "Space for Humanity has completely re-designed the way users engage with the team, allowing for a more meaningful application process," remarks Todd Youngblo

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2019-03-22 02:57:25

Galactic center visualization delivers star power  

Huntsville AL (SPX) Mar 22, 2019 Want to take a trip to the center of the Milky Way? Check out a new immersive, ultra-high-definition visualization. This 360-movie offers an unparalleled opportunity to look around the center of the galaxy, from the vantage point of the central supermassive black hole, in any direction the user chooses. By combining NASA Ames supercomputer simulations with data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Ob

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2019-03-22 02:54:08

Ariane 6 maiden flight will deploy satellites for OneWeb, additional launches booked  

Evry, France (SPX) Mar 21, 2019 OneWeb is the developer of a new global, high-speed, low latency satellite-based network designed to address the most demanding global connectivity challenges worldwide. Ariane 6 will be available to OneWeb from the second half of 2020 to provide launch capacity that supports the full deployment and replenishment of the OneWeb constellation. The launch service agreement specifies the use o

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2019-03-21 03:53:59

Lockheed Martin's First Smart Satellites are Tiny with Big Missions  

Denver CO (SPX) Mar 21, 2019 Lockheed Martin has announced a new generation of space technology launching this year that will allow satellites to change their missions in orbit. Satellites that launched one, ten or even fifteen years ago largely have the same capability they had when they lifted off. That's changing with new architecture that will let users add capability and assign new missions with a software push,

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2019-03-21 03:29:24

Uncertain projections help to reveal the truth about future climate change  

Exeter UK (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 A team of four scientists from the US and the UK explain how differing climate model projections can be used collectively to reduce uncertainties in future climate change, in a paper published in the journal Nature Climate Change. Despite major advances in climate modelling over the last 30 years, there are still a wide range of projections for global warming by 2100, even when the same sc

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2019-03-21 03:25:40

NASA's Greenland mission still surprises in year four  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 19, 2019 Only seven months after NASA's Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) mission wrapped its last field campaign on the world's largest island, an OMG crew is back in Greenland to collect more data. With two or three field projects a year since 2016, no wonder OMG has made the most comprehensive measurements yet of how ocean water lapping at the undersides of Greenland's melting glaciers affects them

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2019-03-21 03:23:51

Key Space Launch System Stage Separation Mechanism Installed  

Huntsville AL (SPX) Mar 21, 2019 NASA and its industry partners continue their steady progress toward launching the nation's newest rocket, NASA's Space Launch System (SLS). Engineers and technicians at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, are integrating components with the SLS launch vehicle stage adapter, which connects the core stage of the world's most powerful rocket with its interim cryogenic propu

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2019-03-21 03:23:16

Pentagon establishing new agency to oversee US military space technology development  

Washington (Sputnik) Mar 15, 2019 The Department of Defence (DoD) is creating a new Space Development Agency (SDA) oversee the development of sensors and weapons to counter advances by Russia and China, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said in a memo published on Thursday. "Continuing actions by our near-peer competitors, China and Russia, suggest that they will attempt to deny, degrade or destroy US space capabil

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2019-03-21 03:20:55

OneWeb starts to mass-produce satellites in Florida  

Merritt Island, FL (UPI) Mar 21, 2019 In the shiny white laboratory that is OneWeb Satellites' new Florida manufacturing plant, a historic first happened this week: The first few mass-produced satellites ever to be built in Florida started coming together. Workers in lab coats and hairnets pushed solar panels into cabinets where bright lights checked for fractures. Satellite frames covered in gold-colored film, about the size

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2019-03-21 02:32:05

Frequency Electronics to qualify atomic clocks for potential use on GPS 3F Satellites  

Mitchel Field NY (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 As a risk reduction effort for the U.S. Air Force's GPS III Follow On (GPS IIIF) satellite program, Frequency Electronics, Inc. (NASDAQ-FEIM) received a contract from Lockheed Martin Space, valued at $5.9 million, for the qualification of FEI's Digital Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standard (DRAFS). The contract's intent is to qualify FEI's DRAFS for potential use on the new GPS IIIF satellite

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2019-03-21 02:30:51

NASA Mission Reveals Asteroid Has Big Surprises  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 21, 2019 A NASA spacecraft that will return a sample of a near-Earth asteroid named Bennu to Earth in 2023 made the first-ever close-up observations of particle plumes erupting from an asteroid's surface. Bennu also revealed itself to be more rugged than expected, challenging the mission team to alter its flight and sample collection plans, due to the rough terrain. Bennu is the target of NASA's Or

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2019-03-21 02:25:02

United Launch Alliance launches WGS-10 satellite for USAF  

Cape Canaveral AFS FL (SPX) Mar 15, 2019 A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV rocket carrying the tenth Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellite for the U.S. Air Force lifted off from Space Launch Complex-37 on March 15 at 8:26 p.m. EDT. ULA has been the exclusive launch provider for all ten WGS satellites. "We are very proud to deliver this critical asset to orbit in support of the U.S. and Allied warfighters deployed around th

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2019-03-21 02:22:57

UK industry to help answer fundamental questions about universe  

London, UK (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 A major new physics facility near Chicago is expected to have UK technology at its heart, and lead to significant spin-off opportunities for UK companies. The new PIP-II particle accelerator at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) will power the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, which aims to address key questions about the origins and structure of the universe. The UK

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2019-03-21 02:08:04

Northrop Grumman awarded $713M for missile defense system for Poland  

Washington (UPI) Mar 15, 2019 The U.S. Army has awarded Northrop Grumman a $713 million contract to provide a missile system for Poland as the United States considers setting up a major military base in the former Communist nation. The contract is for the first phase of Poland's Wisla Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System, Northrop Gumman said in news releases Wednesday. Patriots are deployed in t

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2019-03-21 01:27:01

NASA schedules its first women-only spacewalk  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 21, 2019 U.S. space agency NASA will send astronauts Anne McClain, 39, and Christina Koch, 40, on NASA's first women-only spacewalk on March 29. The all-female spacewalk will be supported by a female ground crew: Mary Lawrence will serve as lead flight director and Jackie Kagey will be lead spacewalk flight controller at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. It's a fitting milestone for Wom

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2019-03-21 01:23:06

Measuring impact of drought on groundwater resources from space  

Tempe AZ (SPX) Mar 21, 2019 A team of ASU scientists has been using the latest space technology, combined with ground measurements, to assess the health of one of the nation's most important sources of underground water, a large aquifer system located in California's San Joaquin Valley. The team, comprised of School of Earth and Space Exploration researchers Chandrakanta Ojha, Susanna Werth, and Manoochehr Shirzaei,

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2019-03-21 01:07:09

Carbon monoxide detectors could warn of extraterrestrial life  

Riverside CA (SPX) Mar 20, 2019 Carbon monoxide detectors in our homes warn of a dangerous buildup of that colorless, odorless gas we normally associate with death. Astronomers, too, have generally assumed that a build-up of carbon monoxide in a planet's atmosphere would be a sure sign of lifelessness. Now, a UC Riverside-led research team is arguing the opposite: celestial carbon monoxide detectors may actually alert us

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2019-03-20 03:28:45

'Rubble pile' asteroid holds clues to Earth's water story  

Paris (AFP) March 19, 2019 An asteroid described as a "pile of rubble" is rich in hydrated minerals that could help solve the mystery of how Earth got its water, scientists said Tuesday. The Ryugu asteroid, around 300 million kilometres (185 million miles) from Earth, is estimated to be between 100 million and one billion years old. It appears to have broken off from a parent body, according to observations from

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2019-03-20 03:21:42

NASA's Mars 2020 rover is put to the test  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 20, 2019 In a little more than seven minutes in the early afternoon of Feb. 18, 2021, NASA's Mars 2020 rover will execute about 27,000 actions and calculations as it speeds through the hazardous transition from the edge of space to Mars' Jezero Crater. While that will be the first time the wheels of the 2,314-pound (1,050-kilogram) rover touch the Red Planet, the vehicle's network of processors, sensors

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2019-03-20 03:19:23

The powerful meteor that no one saw except satellites  

Washington (AFP) March 19, 2019 At precisely 11:48 am on December 18, 2018, a large space rock heading straight for Earth at a speed of 19 miles per second exploded into a vast ball of fire as it entered the atmosphere, 15.9 miles above the Bering Sea. From below, the only witnesses to this fiery event may have been the fish that inhabit the frigid waters between Russia and Alaska, as no human eye caught sight of it.

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2019-03-20 03:08:07

OSIRIS-REx spacecraft studies asteroid Bennu up close  

Tucson AZ (SPX) Mar 20, 2019 When NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrived at its destination, asteroid Bennu, on Dec. 3, it found a tiny world that in many respects looks like what the mission team had expected based on ground-based observations, but holds quite a few surprises, too. In a series of eight scientific papers published March 19 across several Nature Publishing Group journals, the members of the University of

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2019-03-20 03:06:21

OSIRIS-REx images allow closer look at boulder breakup on Bennu  

Tucson AZ (SPX) Mar 20, 2019 High-resolutions images of asteroid Bennu from NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft offer scientists the opportunity to analyze the processes that break down boulders on the surfaces of airless bodies, Planetary Science Institute Research Scientist Jamie Molaro said. Breakdown can occur due to impacts on the surface, movement of boulders in landslides, and thermal fracturing. Thermal fracturing is

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2019-03-20 02:59:41

Mapping stars with PEPSI  

Potsdam, Germany (SPX) Mar 20, 2019 The Potsdam Echelle Polarimetric and Spectroscopic Instrument (PEPSI) at the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) in Arizona released its first image of the surface magnetic field of another star. In a paper in the European journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, the PEPSI team presents a so-called Zeeman-Doppler-Image (ZDI) of the surface of the magnetically active star II Pegasi. A special techni

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2019-03-20 02:40:04

NASA's JPL seeking applicants for First Space Accelerator  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 20, 2019 NASA's first aerospace accelerator program, co-sponsored by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, will select 10 startup companies to take part in a three-month pilot program to develop new technologies for space. Applications will be accepted through April 7. Organized by Techstars with support from Starburst Aerospace, the pilot program will enable the selected companies

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2019-03-20 02:34:42

OSIRIS-REx spies on the weird, wild gravity of an asteroid  

Boulder CO (SPX) Mar 20, 2019 Research led by CU Boulder is revealing the Alice in Wonderland-like physics that govern gravity near the surface of the asteroid Bennu. The new findings are part of a suite of papers published by the team behind NASA's Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) mission. And they come just three months after OSIRIS-REx first encounter

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2019-03-20 02:18:03

Team identifies water-bearing minerals on asteroid Bennu  

San Antonio TX (SPX) Mar 20, 2019 A Southwest Research Institute-led team discovered evidence of abundant water-bearing minerals on the surface of the near-Earth asteroid (101955) Bennu. Using early spectral data from NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft orbiting the asteroid, the team identified infrared properties similar to those in a type of meteorite called carbonaceous chondrites. "Scientists are interested in the compositio

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2019-03-20 02:15:50

Hayabusa2 probes asteroid for secrets  

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 20, 2019 The first data received from the Hayabusa2 spacecraft in orbit of asteroid Ryugu helps space scientists explore conditions in the early solar system. The space probe gathered vast amounts of images and other data which gives researchers clues about Ryugu's history, such as how it may have formed from a larger parent body. These details in turn allow researchers to better estimate quantities and

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2019-03-20 02:09:26

Launch of Russia-US space probe to Venus possible in 2027   

Moscow (Sputnik) Mar 20, 2019 he launch of a joint Russian-US interplanetary probe to Venus is possible in 2027 at the earliest, even if the financing of the project starts in near future, the Russian co-chair of the joint working group on the Venera-D mission said in an interview with Sputnik. "The launch windows in 2026, at the end of 2027, in 2029 and 2031 are being discussed. Even if the financing starts this year,

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2019-03-20 01:51:18

NASA says taking sample from asteroid harder than expected  

Washington (AFP) March 19, 2019 After two years crossing the solar system, the NASA space probe Osiris-Rex arrived last December near the asteroid Bennu to complete its mission of collecting a sample - but touching the rock will prove much harder than scientists had expected. The Osiris-Rex team said Tuesday that the surface of the asteroid, which measures 490 meters (1,600 feet) in diameter, was covered in stones and bou

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2019-03-20 01:30:32

Surprisingly old surface discovered on near-Earth asteroid Bennu  

San Antonio TX (SPX) Mar 20, 2019 A Southwest Research Institute-led team has discovered that the surface geology on asteroid Bennu is older than expected. Early observations of the near-Earth asteroid (NEA) by NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission indicate a surface that is between 100 million and 1 billion years old. "We expected small, kilometer-sized NEAs to have young, frequently refreshed surfaces," said SwRI's Dr. Kevin Walsh,

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2019-03-20 01:17:04

Drone maps icy lava tube to prepare for cave exploration on Moon and Mars  

Mountain View CA (SPX) Mar 20, 2019 The SETI Institute and Astrobotic Technology, Inc. are announcing the successful mapping in 3D of the interior of an ice-rich lava tube in Iceland using a LiDAR-equipped drone. The team was investigating the Lofthellir Lava Tube Ice Cave in the remote Myvatn region of Iceland, and used the drone to document the lava tube's shape and extent, history of rock falls, and spectacular ice formations.

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2019-03-20 01:14:40

How heavy elements come about in the universe  

Frankfurt, Germany (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 Heavy elements are produced during stellar explosion or on the surfaces of neutron stars through the capture of hydrogen nuclei (protons). This occurs at extremely high temperatures, but at relatively low energies. An international research team headed by Goethe University has now succeeded in investigating the capture of protons at the storage ring of the GSI Helmholtzzentrum fur Schwerionenfor

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2019-03-19 11:49:21

Rehearsing for the Mars landings in Hawaii and Idaho  

Hamilton, Canada (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 Imagine astronauts on Mars, tasked with picking rock samples that will be used by scientists to search for signs of life. But they can only transport a limited number back to Earth. What should they look for? Are some types of rocks better than others? They could try to ask for advice from the team of geologists and biologists back on Earth, but due to the distance between Earth and Mars it coul

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2019-03-19 08:04:14

Trembling Aspen Leaves Could Save Future Mars Rovers  

Coventry, UK (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 Researchers at the University of Warwick have been inspired by the unique movement of trembling aspen leaves, to devise an energy harvesting mechanism that could power weather sensors in hostile environments and could even be a back-up energy supply that could save and extend the life of future Mars rovers. University of Warwick third-year engineering undergraduates have in recent years be

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2019-03-19 08:01:06

Witnessing the birth of a massive binary star system  

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 Scientists from the RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research in Japan, Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and the University of Virginia in the USA and collaborators have made observations of a molecular cloud that is collapsing to form two massive protostars that will eventually become a binary star system. While it is known that most massive stars possess orbiting stellar companion

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2019-03-19 07:58:02

A Mission for the Space Force  

Bethesda MD (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 Many of the people familiar with the development of a Space Force have assumed that the current organization known as Air Force Space Command (AFSPC), headquartered at Peterson AFB in Colorado, will be transformed into this new service while remaining under the Secretary of the Air Force. This would be analogous to the Marine Corps being under the Secretary of the Navy. However, the mission of t

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2019-03-19 07:21:01

Aerojet Rocketdyne Powers WGS-10 Military Communications Satellite from Launch Pad to Orbit  

Cape Canaveral AFS FL (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 Aerojet Rocketdyne played a major role in successfully supporting the launch and placement of the tenth Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS-10) spacecraft into orbit for the U.S. military. The mission was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida aboard a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV rocket. Aerojet Rocketdyne propulsion systems on the Delta IV rocket included an RS-68A bo

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2019-03-19 06:18:01

Turkish Meteorite Traced to Impact Crater on Vesta  

Mountain View CA (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 A collision on asteroid Vesta that created the U-shaped Antonia impact crater 22 million years ago produced the meteorites that fell near the village of Saricicek in Turkey in 2015, according to an international team of 79 researchers. "We visited Saricicek shortly after the fall," says Ozan Unsalan, lead author and planetary scientist from Ege University in Izmir, Turkey. "The villagers a

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2019-03-19 05:52:03

Russia's Vostochny Cosmodrome Ready for Space, ISS Launches  

Moscow (Sputnik) Mar 19, 2019 One of the routes opened for launches of Soyuz-2 carrier rockets from the Vostochny space center can be used to launch manned and cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS), a spokesperson for the Russian state space corporation Roscosmos told Sputnik on Sunday. "Indeed, [the route] with an inclination [of 51 degrees to the equator during launches from Vostochny spaceport] c

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2019-03-19 05:08:23

ESA's Hera asteroid mission borrows eyes of NASA's Dawn  

Paris (ESA) Mar 19, 2019 The mission to the smallest asteroid ever explored will employ the same main camera as the mission to the largest asteroids of all. ESA's proposed Hera spacecraft to the Didymos asteroid pair has inherited its main imager from NASA's Dawn mission to the Vesta and Ceres asteroids. Hera is currently the subject of detailed design work, ahead of being presented to Europe's space ministers at

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2019-03-19 03:56:06

Energy Loss Gives Insights into Evolution of Quasar Jets  

Dwingeloo, The Netherlands (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 An international team of astrophysicists observed for the first time that the jet of a quasar is less powerful at long radio wavelengths than earlier predicted. This discovery gives new insights in the evolution of quasar jets. They made this observation using the international Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) telescope, which produced high-resolution radio images of quasar 4C+19.44 located over 5 bi

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2019-03-19 03:54:55

OneWeb Secures $1.25 Billion in New Funding After Successful Launch  

London, UK (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 OneWeb, a global communications company with a mission to bring connectivity to everyone, everywhere, announces it has secured its largest fundraising round to date with the successful raise of $1.25 billion in new capital. This brings the total funds raised to $3.4 billion. This round was led by SoftBank Group Corp., Grupo Salinas, Qualcomm Technologies Inc., and the Government of Rwanda.

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2019-03-19 03:25:18

Brazil leader, wooing Trump, opens base to US rockets  

Washington (AFP) March 19, 2019 Brazil's new right-wing president, Jair Bolsonaro, signed a deal Monday to open a base to US satellite launches as he appealed for warm relations with Donald Trump on a visit to Washington. The outspoken conservative, who will meet Trump at the White House on Tuesday, has ideological affinities with the US leader and has broken Brazilian precedent by heading to Washington, not Argentina, for

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2019-03-19 03:14:29

Acucela Signs Agreement to Develop a Compact OCT for NASA's Deep Space Missions  

Seattle WA (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 Acucela Inc has signed an agreement with the Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) to develop a compact OCT*1 device for NASA's Deep Space missions. Approximately 63% of long-duration spaceflight crewmembers present with one or more signs of Spaceflight Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome (SANS), including optic disc edema, globe flattening, choroidal folds, cotton wool sp

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2019-03-19 03:13:20

A Prehistoric Mystery in the Kuiper Belt  

Laurel MD (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 The farthest object ever explored is slowly revealing its secrets, as scientists piece together the puzzles of Ultima Thule - the Kuiper Belt object NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew past on New Year's Day, four billion miles from Earth. Analyzing the data New Horizons has been sending home since the flyby of Ultima Thule (officially named 2014 MU69), mission scientists are learning more

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2019-03-19 01:05:20

Earliest known Mariner's Astrolabe published in Guinness Book of Records  

Warwick UK (SPX) Mar 19, 2019 Guinness World Records have independently certified an astrolabe excavated from the wreck site of a Portuguese Armada Ship that was part of Vasco da Gama's second voyage to India in 1502-1503 as the oldest in the world, and have separately certified a ship's bell (dated 1498) recovered from the same wreck site also as the oldest in the world. The scientific process of verifying the disc as

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2019-03-19 01:04:18

Soyuz MS-12 docks at the International Space Station  

Moscow, Russia (SPX) Mar 15, 2019 on March 15, at 04:02 Moscow time manned transportation spacecraft Soyuz MS-12 successfully docked the International Space Station (the ISS). The spacecraft crew consists of Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin and flight engineers - NASA astronauts Nick Hague and Christina Koch. Onboard the International Space Station the Soyuz MS-12 crew was met by the ISS-59 expedition commander -

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2019-03-17 06:52:36

NASA astronauts Hague, Koch arrive safely at Space Station  

Houston TX (SPX) Mar 15, 2019 Three crew members have arrived safely at the International Space Station, following a successful launch and docking of their Soyuz MS-12 spacecraft Thursday. The Soyuz spacecraft carrying Nick Hague and Christina Koch of NASA and Alexey Ovchinin of the Russian space agency Roscosmos launched at 3:14 p.m. EDT (12:14 a.m. Friday Baikonur time) from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

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2019-03-17 06:03:33

Lockheed Martin develops world-first LTE-Over-Satellite System  

Valley Forge PA (SPX) Mar 14, 2019 Lockheed Martin has developed a new LTE-over-Satellite system designed to provide connectivity to remote regions, including areas without cellphone coverage, boats off-shore, or during natural disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, catastrophic floods or volcanoes. New hotspots connect existing phones to satellites for reliable 4G connections. "When disaster strikes, cell phone

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2019-03-17 06:01:18

OSIRIS-REx images close in on Bennu's northern hemisphere  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 15, 2019 This trio of images acquired by NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft shows a wide shot and two close-ups of a region in asteroid Bennu's northern hemisphere. The wide-angle image (left), obtained by the spacecraft's MapCam camera, shows a 590-foot (180-meter) wide area with many rocks, including some large boulders, and a "pond" of regolith that is mostly devoid of large rocks. The two close

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2019-03-17 05:39:11

Space weather mission will venture deep into space  

London, UK (The Conversation) Mar 15, 2019 You may have noticed that some weather forecasts have started mentioning the chances of seeing an aurora, also known as northern lights. Just as the atmosphere of the Earth gives us terrestrial weather, the nearby, vast atmosphere of the sun gives rise to space weather - triggering events such as auroras. Many weather institutes around the world now provide forecasts of the weather in space beca

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2019-03-17 05:20:35

ALMA observes the formation sites of solar-system-like planets  

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 14, 2019 Researchers have spotted the formation sites of planets around a young star resembling our Sun. Two rings of dust around the star, at distances comparable to the asteroid belt and the orbit of Neptune in our solar system, suggest that we are witnessing the formation of a planetary system similar to our own. The solar system is thought to have formed from a cloud of cosmic gas and dust 4.6

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2019-03-17 05:19:21

Ultra-low power chips help make small robots more capable  

Atlanta GA (SPX) Mar 11, 2019 An ultra-low power hybrid chip inspired by the brain could help give palm-sized robots the ability to collaborate and learn from their experiences. Combined with new generations of low-power motors and sensors, the new application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) - which operates on milliwatts of power - could help intelligent swarm robots operate for hours instead of minutes. To conserv

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2019-03-17 05:01:36

Physicists reverse time using quantum computer  

Moscow, Russia (SPX) Mar 14, 2019 Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology teamed up with colleagues from the U.S. and Switzerland and returned the state of a quantum computer a fraction of a second into the past. They also calculated the probability that an electron in empty interstellar space will spontaneously travel back into its recent past. The study comes out March 13 in Scientific Reports. "T

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2019-03-17 04:51:24

Astronomers discover 83 supermassive black holes in early universe  

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 14, 2019 A team of astronomers has discovered 83 quasars powered by supermassive black holes (SMBHs) in the early universe. This increases the number of black holes known at that epoch considerably, and reveals, for the first time, how common SMBHs were early in the universe's history. Supermassive black holes are found at the centers of galaxies, and have masses millions or even billions of times

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2019-03-17 04:45:47

Bridenstine addesses SLS and Orion workforce at NASA  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 14, 2019 On March 14, 2019, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine sent this message to NASA employees and contractors: Yesterday, I was asked by Congress about the schedule slip of the Space Launch System and plans to get NASA back on track. I mentioned that we are exploring the possibility of launching Orion and the European Service Module to low-Earth orbit on an existing heavy-lift rocket, then usi

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2019-03-17 04:35:01

Ancient comet impact triggered fires, climate change  

Washington (UPI) Mar 13, 2019 Scientists have uncovered new evidence that a cosmic impact sparked wildfires and triggered a period of global climate change at the end of the Pleistocene epoch some 13,000 years ago. Previously, researchers had only found evidence of the period of climatic change known as the Younger Dryas, or YDB, in the Northern Hemisphere. New findings, however, suggest the Southern Hemisphere also

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2019-03-17 04:26:12

Can artificial intelligence solve the mysteries of quantum physics?  

Jerusalem (SPX) Mar 14, 2019 Under the direction of Mobileye founder Amnon Shashua, a research group at Hebrew University of Jerusalem's School of Engineering and Computer Science has proven that artificial intelligence (AI) can help us understand the world on an infinitesimally small scale called quantum physics phenomena. Quantum physics phenomena is one of the hottest topics in contemporary physics. It looks at how

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2019-03-17 03:39:09

ANU research set to shake up space missions  

Canberra, Australia (SPX) Mar 15, 2019 A new study from The Australian National University (ANU) has found a number of 2D materials can not only withstand being sent into space, but potentially thrive in the harsh conditions. It could influence the type of materials used to build everything from satellite electronics to solar cells and batteries - making future space missions more accessible, and cheaper to launch. PhD ca

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2019-03-17 03:30:02

NASA heavy rocket may not get off the ground in time for Lunar mission  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 15, 2019 The $12 billion Space Launch System (SLS) super heavy rocket program, under development by Boeing since 2011, was intended to be inaugurated a year ago, with the timetable slipping to 2019 and recently, to 2020. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has told US lawmakers that with its SLS rocket behind schedule, the agency is considering the use of commercial rockets for its upcoming Moon mis

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2019-03-17 03:08:27

InSight lander among latest ExoMars image bounty  

Noordwijk, The Netherlands (SPX) Mar 15, 2019 Curious surface features, water-formed minerals, 3D stereo views, and even a sighting of the InSight lander showcase the impressive range of imaging capabilities of the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter. The ESA-Roscosmos Trace Gas Orbiter, or TGO, launched three years ago on 14 March 2016. It arrived at Mars on 19 October that year, and spent over a year demonstrating the aerobraking technique ne

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2019-03-17 02:21:56

Returning Astronauts to the Moon: Lockheed Martin Finalizes Full-Scale Cislunar Habitat Prototype  

Cape Canaveral FL (SPX) Mar 15, 2019 For long-duration, deep space missions, astronauts will need a highly efficient and reconfigurable space, and Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) is researching and designing ways to support those missions. Under a public-private partnership as a part of NASA's Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships (NextSTEP) Phase II study contract, Lockheed Martin has completed the initial ground

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2019-03-15 03:41:55

SpaceX Dragon 2 pulls off nail-biting landing - here's the rocket science  

London, UK (The Conversation ) Mar 15, 2019 A fiery Dragon lit up the sky over the Atlantic before cooling off with a watery splashdown on March 8. The SpaceX Dragon 2 capsule is of enormous significance for spaceflight as it has just become the first commercial vehicle to automatically dock with the International Space Station (ISS) and return to Earth. The spacecraft will now aim to carry astronauts to the ISS in a few months. Whe

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2019-03-15 03:39:50

Cooking Up Alien Atmospheres on Earth  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 15, 2019 Researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, are cooking up an alien atmosphere right here on Earth. In a new study, JPL scientists used a high-temperature "oven" to heat a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide to more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,100 Celsius), about the temperature of molten lava. The aim was to simulate conditions that might be found in the at

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2019-03-15 02:55:02

Astronauts on aborted Soyuz launch to blast off again for ISS  

Baikonur, Kazakhstan (AFP) March 14, 2019 NASA astronaut Nick Hague and his Russian colleague Alexey Ovchinin, who survived a dramatically aborted Soyuz launch last year, were due to blast off again to the International Space Station on Thursday. The two men will be joined by US astronaut Christina Koch for lift-off from Russia's Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 1914 GMT. The launch will be closely watched after the two men'

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2019-03-15 02:39:54

United Launch Alliance set to launch WGS-10 for US Air Force  

Cape Canaveral AFC LF (SPX) Mar 14, 2019 A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV rocket is in final preparations to launch the tenth Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellite for the U.S. Air Force. The launch is planned for March 15 at Space Launch Complex-37 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. "ULA is proud to be the exclusive launch provider for all ten WGS missions," said Gary Wentz, ULA vice president of Government and Comme

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2019-03-15 02:31:43

Bernese Mars Camera CaSSIS Returns Spectacular Images  

Bern, Switzerland (SPX) Mar 15, 2019 Three years ago, on 14 March 2016, the Bernese Mars camera CaSSIS started its journey to Mars with the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter spacecraft. The camera system developed at the University of Bern has been observing Mars from its primary science orbit since April 2018 and provides high-resolution, colour images of the surface. On 2 March 2019, CaSSIS also delivered its first image of InSight, NASA

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2019-03-15 02:16:07

Testing the symmetry of space-time by means of atomic clocks  

Braunschweig, Germany (SPX) Mar 14, 2019 In his Special Theory of Relativity, Einstein formulated the hypothesis according to which the speed of light is always the same, no matter what the conditions are. It may, however, be possible that - according to theoretical models of quantum gravitation - this uniformity of space-time does not apply to particles. Physicists have now tested this hypothesis with a first long-term comparison of t

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2019-03-15 02:09:07

Pathfinder Rover May Have Explored Edges of Early Mars Sea in 1997  

Tucson AZ (SPX) Mar 15, 2019 NASA's first rover mission to Mars, the Pathfinder, imaged an extraterrestrial marine spillover landscape 22 years ago, according to a new paper by Planetary Science Institute Senior Scientist Alexis Rodriguez. The landing site is on the spillway of an ancient sea that experienced catastrophic floods released from the planet's subsurface and its sediments. This could potentially yield evid

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2019-03-15 02:06:49

Understanding and controlling the molecule that made the universe  

East Lansing MI (SPX) Mar 14, 2019 Trihydrogen, or H3+, is acknowledged by scientists as the molecule that made the universe. In recent issues of Nature Communications and the Journal of Chemical Physics, Michigan State University researchers employed high-speed lasers to shine a spotlight on the mechanisms that are key in H3+ creation and its unusual chemistry. H3+ is prevalent in the universe, the Milky Way, gas giants an

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2019-03-15 01:55:35

The day the world burned  

Santa Barbara CA (SPX) Mar 14, 2019 When UC Santa Barbara geology professor emeritus James Kennett and colleagues set out years ago to examine signs of a major cosmic impact that occurred toward the end of the Pleistocene epoch, little did they know just how far-reaching the projected climatic effect would be. "It's much more extreme than I ever thought when I started this work," Kennett noted. "The more work that has been d

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2019-03-15 01:55:14

Floating ideas for an airlock near the Moon  

Paris (ESA) Mar 14, 2019 Assembly of a new habitable structure near the Moon, known as the Gateway, is scheduled to begin in 2023. The international project will allow humans to explore farther than ever before and it brings new opportunities for European design in space. In late 2018, ESA commissioned two consortia - one led by Airbus and the other by Thales Alenia Space - to undertake parallel studies into the d

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2019-03-15 01:47:11

New observations for the new economy  

Paris (ESA) Mar 12, 2019 We all listen to weather forecasts and know they rely on satellite data. What may not be so obvious is that many other aspects of our lives depend on robust satellite data, from growing crops to tackling the major issue of climate change. The socio-economic benefits of Earth observation are huge, and increasing. In Europe, ESA, Eumetsat and the EU work closely together, in long-term partnerships

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2019-03-15 01:34:52

Thank Earth's Magnetic Field for Water That Gives You Life  

Canberra, Australia (SPX) Mar 14, 2019 A study by scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) on the magnetic fields of planets has found that most planets discovered in other solar systems are unlikely to be as hospitable to life as Earth. Plants and animals would not survive without water on Earth. The sheer strength of Earth's magnetic field helps to maintain liquid water on our blue planet's surface, thereby maki

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2019-03-15 01:34:04

Lockheed tapped by Navy for rapid missile technology development  

Washington (UPI) Mar 13, 2019 Lockheed Martin Corp. was awarded an $84.1 million contract by the U.S. Navy for design and engineering services on four existing missile systems, the Defense Department announced. The contract, awarded to the company's Missile and Fire Control division in Orlando, Fla., was announced on Tuesday. It calls for design and development studies, technology demonstrations and engineering serv

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2019-03-15 01:32:34

Astronomers Make a Case for Science on Capitol Hill  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 15, 2019 Fifteen astronomers and planetary scientists from the American Astronomical Society (AAS) visited Capitol Hill on Wednesday, 13 March 2019, to advocate for strong, sustained federal support of the astronomical sciences - astronomy, planetary science, and heliophysics - and of programs that the scientific community itself has prioritized by consensus. Traveling in teams of volunteers led by staff

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2019-03-15 01:19:12

Launch vehicle with Soyuz MS-12 CTS is on the launch pad  

Baikonur, Kazakhstan (SPX) Mar 13, 2019 Today, March 12, ILV Soyuz was rolled out from the processing facility to the launch pad. The medium launch vehicle Soyuz-FG integrated with the Crew Transportation spacecraft (CTS) Soyuz MS-12 is erected on the launch pad of Area No.1 ("Gagarin's launch pad") of the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Activities under the program of the first launch day have begun. Specialists of RSC Energia and o

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2019-03-14 11:23:06

NASA chief acknowledges more trouble with SLS rocket  

Washington (AFP) March 13, 2019 The US space agency NASA on Wednesday cast a shadow on the future of its new heavy-lift rocket, the SLS - acknowledging development delays on a project that is already years behind. The Space Launch System program is being run much as the Apollo and space shuttle mission were handled in the days of old. But Wednesday's announcement illustrates how quickly NASA has embraced a new era dom

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2019-03-14 10:58:25

NASA is with you when you fly, even on Mars  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 13, 2019 According to the 1958 law that established NASA, where the first "A" in NASA stands for aeronautics, the agency is charged with solving the problems of flight within the atmosphere. But the law doesn't say which planet's atmosphere. In that spirit, when the decision was made to add a small helicopter to the Mars 2020 rover mission to the Red Planet, experts at NASA's Jet Propulsion L

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2019-03-14 08:31:35

Goddard prepares for a new era of human exploration  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 13, 2019 NASA scientists, engineers, and technologists are preparing for a new era of human exploration at the Moon, which includes a new launch system, capsule, and lunar-orbiting outpost that will serve as the jumping-off point for human spaceflight deeper into the Solar System. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, is playing a vital role in these initiatives, particularly i

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2019-03-14 08:12:51

Objects in the rear-view mirror may appear interesting  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 13, 2019 In the current plan, we start with a dust devil survey to look for them while they are still in season. This is followed by a ChemCam investigation "Schiehallion" and an RMI mosaic on "Motherwell." Mastcam will finish off the investigation with multispectral images on the block in front of us, which contain the previous APXS targets "Fife" and "Arbuthnott." So far, so routine, but then the

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2019-03-14 08:02:56

Asteroid Bennu is rotating faster over time  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 13, 2019 In late 2018, the Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft arrived at Bennu, the asteroid it will be studying and sampling over the next several years. Now, new research in the AGU journal Geophysical Research Letters shows Bennu is spinning faster over time - an observation that will help scientists understand the evolut

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2019-03-14 04:58:50

Hypergiant teams with Arch Mission to create interplanetary internet nodes  

Austin TX (SPX) Mar 12, 2019 Hypergiant Galactic Systems and Arch Mission has announced a partnership to launch a series of satellites to Lagrangian orbital locations around the solar system, that will serve as the first relay points in the Interplanetary Internet (IPN). The first relay satellite of the network, a U-class spacecraft (a "cubesat", or miniature satellite) will be delivered in a planned late 2020 launch,

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2019-03-14 04:55:46

JAXA and Toyota to study joint lunar project  

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 14, 2019 The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) have announced an to consider collaborating on international space exploration. As a first step, JAXA and Toyota have reached agreement to further cooperate on and accelerate their ongoing joint study*1 of a manned, pressurized rover*2 that employs fuel cell electric vehicle technologies. Such a form of mob

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2019-03-14 04:46:53

What scientists found after sifting through dust in the Solar System  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 13, 2019 Just as dust gathers in corners and along bookshelves in our homes, dust piles up in space too. But when the dust settles in the solar system, it's often in rings. Several dust rings circle the Sun. The rings trace the orbits of planets, whose gravity tugs dust into place around the Sun, as it drifts by on its way to the center of the solar system. The dust consists of crushed-up remains f

what do you think?

2019-03-14 04:30:27

China is overtaking US in artificial intelligence: researchers  

Washington (AFP) March 13, 2019 China is poised to overtake the United States in artificial intelligence with a surge in academic research on the key technology, an analysis published Wednesday showed. The analysis by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence showed China has already surpassed the US in published papers on AI - although many of these were considered "medium-quality" or "low-quality." But the res

what do you think?

2019-03-14 04:03:17

What triggered the 100,000-year Ice Age cycle?  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 11, 2019 A slowing of ocean circulation in the waters surrounding Antarctica drastically altered the strength and more than doubled the length of global ice ages following the mid-Pleistocene transition, a new study finds. For the last several million years, the natural cycle of Earth's climate has been dominated by the regular ebb and flow of glacial and interglacial periods. These cycles are gene

what do you think?

2019-03-14 03:25:18

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