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Space News From SpaceDaily.Com

Space News from SpaceDaily.Com brings the space industry professional daily news from the frontier, with contract, bid, launch and on-orbit satellite news as it happens. Comprehensive daily news resource on space science and industry. Includes updated overview of news from multiple sources.

India's Second Moon Mission as "Complex" as NASA's Apollo Mission  

New Delhi (Sputnik) Aug 14, 2018 The Indian Space Agency had planned the launch of its second moon mission for October this year, but scientists reviewing their preparedness suggested that more tests were needed before the launch. The mission is now likely to be preceded by Israel's moon mission, planned for December this year. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has announced the postponement of its much-awaite

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2018-08-14 03:27:30

Partners in space, partners in signature: an AEHF tradition  

Los Angeles AFB CA (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 The Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) Program marked a significant occasion, June 22 when members of the leadership team at the Space and Missile Systems Center, the Aerospace Corporation and Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company all gathered to place their signatures on a thermal space blanket that will travel in space inside the AEHF-4 satellite this coming October. "We have an op

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2018-08-14 03:08:46

US Working Hard to Cease Reliance on Russian Rocket Engines - NASA  

Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 14, 2018 The United States is working hard to halt its dependence on Russia's RD-180 rocket engines, Jim Bridenstine, the administrator of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, said. Earlier in August, the US administration announced new sanctions against Russia in response to Moscow's alleged use of chemical weapons against Russian ex-intelligence officer Sergei Skripal in the UK c

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2018-08-14 02:44:53

26 days in the air: Airbus drone smashes world record  

Farnborough UK (Sputnik) Aug 10, 2018 Airbus has praised the success of the drone's maiden flight and plans to increase the device's duration, while the UK government is set to become the first one to adopt the technology for its needs. While Airbus is mostly known for its passenger aircraft construction, it is also one of the global leaders in space engineering. The company's press-release published on Wednesday reveals anoth

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2018-08-14 02:29:52

New Pentagon report names Russia, China as threats to US space capabilities  

Washington (Sputnik) Aug 10, 2018 A new space report by the Pentagon has named Russia and China as key threats to US space capabilities, according to a document released on Thursday. "The United States faces rapidly growing threats to our space capabilities. China and Russia, our strategic competitors, are explicitly pursuing space warfighting capabilities to neutralize US space capabilities during a time of conflict," the

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2018-08-14 02:21:49

Reef corals have endured since 'age of dinosaurs' and may survive global warming  

Kaust, Saudi Arabia (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 The relationship between corals and the micro-algae that enable them to build reefs is considerably older and more diverse than previously assumed, according to an international team of scientists. The team's research suggests that coral-algal partnerships have endured numerous climate change events in their long history, and offers a glimmer of hope that at least some are likely to surviv

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2018-08-14 02:07:19

'We're at Beginning of New Phase of Utilizing Space For Peaceful Purposes'  

Sydney (Sputnik) Aug 14, 2018 The UK is looking to launch its first commercial rocket from its own soil by 2021. According to a report by CNBC, the global security and aerospace company - Lockheed Martin - has received the largest portion of United Kingdom Space Agency's funding to develop an orbital launch site for small rockets in Scotland. Sputnik discussed the feasibility of the UK aim to launch commercial rockets

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2018-08-14 02:07:07

NASA finds Amazon drought leaves long legacy of damage  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Aug 10, 2018 A single season of drought in the Amazon rainforest can reduce the forest's carbon dioxide absorption for years after the rains return, according to a new study published in the journal Nature. This is the first study to quantify the long-term legacy of an Amazon drought. A research team from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and other institutions used satellite li

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2018-08-14 01:49:58

Historic space weather could clarify what's next  

Warwick UK (SPX) Aug 14, 2018 Historic space weather may help us understand what's coming next, according to new research by the University of Warwick. Professor Sandra Chapman, from Warwick's Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics, led a project which charted the space weather in previous solar cycles across the last half century, and discovered an underlying repeatable pattern in how space weather activity changes

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2018-08-14 01:49:25

Wearable 'microbrewery' saves human body from radiation damage  

West Lafayette IN (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 The same way that yeast yields beer and bread can help hospital lab workers better track their daily radiation exposure, enabling a faster assessment of tissue damage that could lead to cancer. But rather than building portable cellars or ovens, Purdue University researchers have engineered yeast "microbreweries" within disposable badges made of freezer paper, aluminum and tape. Simply add

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2018-08-14 01:41:56

New Gamma-Ray Bursts Research Reveals Time-Reversible Mirroring Effect  

Charleston SC (SPX) Aug 14, 2018 It is titled "Smoke and Mirrors," but a new discovery from College of Charleston astrophysicist Jon Hakkila may be anything but smoke and mirrors. Hakkila and student researchers have discovered a peculiarity in the light curves of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) that may provide a breakthrough in understanding the conditions that produce these events. GRBs are the intrinsically brightest explosio

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2018-08-14 01:38:22

PlanetWatchers Launches Foresights Analytics Platform to Advance Commercial Forestry  

San Francisco CA (SPX) Aug 14, 2018 The forest manager's nightmare of struggling to manage widely dispersed forestry assets in remote, challenging, and inaccessible locations is now a thing of the past with PlanetWatchers' new Foresights Analytics Platform (Foresights). PlanetWatchers, a geospatial intelligence and enterprise natural resource monitoring services company, is the first startup in the new space revolution ecosy

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2018-08-14 01:31:01

Finding the happy medium of black holes  

Huntsville AL (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Scientists have taken major steps in their hunt to find black holes that are neither very small nor extremely large. Finding these elusive intermediate-mass black holes could help astronomers better understand what the "seeds" for the largest black holes in the early Universe were. The new research comes from two separate studies, each using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and o

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2018-08-14 01:28:42

Quantum chains in graphene nanoribbons  

Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 A material that consists of atoms of a single element, but has completely different properties depending on the atomic arrangement - this may sound strange, but is actually reality with graphene nano-ribbons. The ribbons, which are only a few carbon atoms wide and exactly one atom thick, have very different electronic properties depending on their shape and width: conductor, semiconductor or ins

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2018-08-14 01:18:45

Earth mini-moons: Potential for exciting scientific and commercial opportunities  

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 14, 2018 The detection of "mini-moons" - small asteroids temporarily captured in orbit around Earth - will vastly improve our scientific understanding of asteroids and the Earth-Moon system, says a new review published in Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Science. These small and fast-moving visitors have so-far evaded detection by existing technology, with only one confirmed mini-moon discovery to date.

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2018-08-14 01:12:10

Britain competes for the launch of an estimated 2,000 satellites by 2030  

Sutherland UK (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 This morning (9 August) at his first visit to the site of a future UK spaceport in Sutherland, Business Secretary Greg Clark expanded on the commercial opportunities to be gained. He commented that thanks to the UK's location, planned regulatory framework, private sector strategy and space ecosystem, Britain has a competitive advantage to compete for a substantial share of a market for lau

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2018-08-12 20:52:33

NASA Reveals How It Would Stay Afloat Without Delivery of Russian Rocket Engines  

Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 13, 2018 At present, NASA and the US military continue to rely on the Russian-made RD-180 and RD-181 engines due to a lack of reliable domestic alternatives for their rocket systems. NASA has declined to comment on how exactly it would react to a possible halt in the supply of Russian rocket engines to the United States in response to Washington's new sanctions, referring only to secondary companie

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2018-08-12 20:43:44

New Image Gallery For The Planetary Science Archive  

Paris (ESA) Aug 13, 2018 Scientists exploring ESA's Planetary Science Archive website can now browse images and other data products via a visual gallery. This newly added feature was developed to facilitate the search process of data collected by the agency's space science missions at planets, moons and other small bodies in the Solar System. The Planetary Science Archive (PSA) is the online interface for scientis

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2018-08-12 19:35:21

Getting more out of microbes: studying shewanella in microgravity  

Houston TX (SPX) Aug 08, 2018 While cities, towns, and spaceships operated entirely from energy generated by microbial sources are still the stuff of science fiction, scientific knowledge needed for such a future can build from studies like the latest microbial investigation to arrive at the International Space Station. An experiment called Investigating the Physiology and Fitness of an Exoelectrogenic Organism under M

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2018-08-12 19:24:22

Omega Centauri unlikely to harbor life  

Riverside CA (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Searching for life in the vast universe is an overwhelming task, but scientists can cross one place off their list. Omega Centauri - a densely packed cluster of stars in our galactic backyard - is unlikely to be home to habitable planets, according to a study by scientists at the , and San Francisco State University. Forthcoming in The Astrophysical Journal, the study was led by Stephen Ka

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2018-08-12 19:03:37

Water is destroyed, then reborn in ultrahot Jupiters  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Aug 10, 2018 Imagine a place where the weather forecast is always the same: scorching temperatures, relentlessly sunny, and with absolutely zero chance of rain. This hellish scenario exists on the permanent daysides of a type of planet found outside our solar system dubbed an "ultrahot Jupiter." These worlds orbit extremely close to their stars, with one side of the planet permanently facing the star.

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2018-08-12 15:28:21

PhD student develops spinning heat shield for future spacecraft  

Manchester UK (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 A University of Manchester PhD student has developed a prototype flexible heat shield for spacecraft that could reduce the cost of space travel and even aid future space missions to Mars. Heat shields are essentially used as the brakes to stop spacecraft burning up and crashing on entry and re-entry into a planet's atmosphere. This design is the first in the world to utilise centrifugal fo

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2018-08-12 12:29:46

Study finds possible connection between US tornado activity, Arctic sea ice  

Champaign IL (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 The effects of global climate change taking place in the Arctic may influence weather much closer to home for millions of Americans, researchers report. The United States has experienced many changes in severe-weather behavior over the past decade, including fewer tornado touchdowns in than in the past. A new study suggests that atmospheric circulation changes that coincide with a loss of

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2018-08-12 11:43:01

Volatile visionary: Tesla's Musk divides Wall Street  

New York (AFP) Aug 8, 2018 "Boring bonehead questions are not cool. Next?" Tesla chief Elon Musk complained in May, shortly before shutting down questions from Wall Street. The now-infamous conference call in a nutshell represents the unorthodox approach of Musk, whose brazen aspirations to remake the transportation universe and confrontational approach to opponents has aroused both passionate support and furious crit

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2018-08-12 11:13:32

Scientists reduced the weight of optics for satellite observation by 100 times  

Samara Oblast, Russia (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (IEEE) published the article of the group of scientists of Samara National Research University. It describes the work on the creation and use of ultralight diffraction optics for obtaining high-resolution images. In this paper, the technology of manufacturing of a 256-layer diffraction harmonic lens and the al

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2018-08-12 10:53:07

Pairs of small colliding galaxies may seed future stars  

New York NY (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 A pair of dwarf galaxies closely circling the Milky Way, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, were in the throes of merging into one when they fell into our galaxy. The duo is thought to hold enough gas to replenish half of the Milky Way's supply of star-making fuel, and now, a study in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society offers new insights into how galaxies like ours are ab

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2018-08-12 08:42:26

Balloon-borne telescope looks for cosmic gamma rays  

Kobe, Japan (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Cosmic gamma rays can provide us with important insights into the high-energy phenomena in our universe. The GRAINE (Gamma-Ray Astro-Imager with Nuclear Emulsion) collaboration aims to high resolution record high-energy cosmic gamma rays using a balloon-borne nuclear emulsion telescope. In April 2018 the team successfully completed another balloon flight test. Nuclear emulsion film can rec

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2018-08-12 03:55:18

NASA blasts off historic probe to 'touch Sun'  

Tampa (AFP) Aug 12, 2018 NASA on Sunday blasted off a $1.5 billion spacecraft toward the Sun on a historic mission to protect the Earth by unveiling the mysteries of dangerous solar storms. "Three, two, one, and liftoff!" said a NASA commentator as the Parker Solar Probe lit up the dark night sky aboard a Delta IV-Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 3:31 am (0731 GMT). The unmanned spacecraft aims to ge

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2018-08-12 01:56:26

Chinese astronomers discover most lithium-rich giant in galaxy with LAMOST  

Beijing, China (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 A research team, led by the astronomers from National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC), Chinese Academy of Sciences, discovered the most lithium-rich giant ever known to date, with lithium abundance 3,000 times higher than normal giants. It is in the direction of Ophiuchus, north side of the Galactic disk, with a distance of 4,500 light years to Earth. The findings were realized

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2018-08-12 01:54:27

NIST shows laser ranging can 'see' 3D objects melting in fires  

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have used a laser detection and ranging (LADAR) system to image three-dimensional (3D) objects melting in flames. The method could offer a precise, safe and compact way to measure structures as they collapse in fires. Optical range measurements, already used in manufacturing and other fields, may help overcome practic

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2018-08-12 01:33:38

NASA postpones for 24 hours launch of historic spaceship to Sun  

Tampa (AFP) Aug 11, 2018 NASA postponed until Sunday the launch of the first ever spacecraft to fly directly toward the Sun on a mission to plunge into our star's sizzling atmosphere and unlock its mysteries. The reason for the delay was not immediately clear, but was called for after a gaseous helium alarm was sounded in the last moments before liftoff, officials said. Engineers are taking utmost caution with t

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2018-08-11 09:23:42

Iron-silica particles unlock part of the mystery of Earth's oxygenation  

Edmonton, Canada (SPX) Aug 08, 2018 The oxygenation of Earth's atmosphere was thanks, in part, to iron and silica particles in ancient seawater, according to a new study by geomicrobiologists at the University of Alberta. But these results solve only part of this ancient mystery. Early organisms called cyanobacteria produced oxygen through oxygenic photosynthesis, resulting in the oxygenation of Earth's atmosphere. But cyano

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2018-08-10 11:42:33

Satellite measurements of the Earth's magnetosphere promise better space weather forecasts  

Kanazawa, Japan (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Earth is constantly being hammered by charged particles emitted by the Sun that have enough power to make life on Earth almost impossible. We survive because Earth's magnetic field traps and deflects these particles, preventing the vast majority of them from ever reaching the planet's surface. The trapped particles bounce back and forth between the North and South poles in complex, ever-ch

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2018-08-10 11:17:35

Lockheed receives contract for Aegis ballistic missile defense  

Washington (UPI) Aug 08, 2018 Lockheed Martin has received a $15.8 million contract for materials and development support of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense system. The modification to a previous contract, announced Tuesday by the Department of Defense, increases the cumulative value of the contract to just under $2.9 billion. The contract provides for materials and support for Aegis Ballistic Missile Def

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2018-08-10 10:10:06

Study helps solve mystery under Jupiter's coloured bands  

Canberra, Australia (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Scientists from Australia and the United States have helped to solve the mystery underlying Jupiter's coloured bands in a new study on the interaction between atmospheres and magnetic fields. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Unlike Earth, Jupiter has no solid surface - it is a gaseous planet, consisting mostly of hydrogen and helium. Several strong jet streams flo

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2018-08-10 09:59:38

Space probe to plunge into fiery solar corona  

Berkeley CA (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 On August 11, NASA plans to launch Earth's first spacecraft to venture inside the orbits of Venus and Mercury to touch the very edge of the Sun's fiery corona. Outfitted with instruments designed and built at the University of California, Berkeley, the Parker Solar Probe will achieve a goal that space scientists have dreamed about for decades: to get close enough to the Sun to learn how th

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2018-08-10 09:53:18

Parker Solar Probe: humanity's first visit to a star  

Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 NASA's historic Parker Solar Probe mission will revolutionize our understanding of the Sun, where changing conditions can propagate out into the solar system, affecting Earth and other worlds. Parker Solar Probe will travel through the Sun's atmosphere, closer to the surface than any spacecraft before it, facing brutal heat and radiation conditions - and ultimately providing humanity with

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2018-08-10 09:03:48

By turning its back on Wall Street, Tesla could avoid market pressures  

New York (AFP) Aug 8, 2018 Exiting US stock markets, a possibility raised Tuesday by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, could ease some of the pressure on the electric automaker but will come at a hefty cost. - Testing the waters - Tesla debuted on Wall Street in 2010, seven years after its launch, with a Nasdaq listing under the ticker symbol "TSLA." As with other firms wooing markets, this allowed the company to raise cap

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2018-08-10 08:59:46

Scientist begins developing instrument for finding extraterrestrial bacteria  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 A NASA scientist wants to create a planetary robot that would mimic what biologists do every day in terrestrial laboratories: look through microscopes to visually identify microbial life living in samples. Although very early in its technology development, the concept would take NASA's hunt for extraterrestrial life to the next level by actually looking for bacteria and archaea in soil and

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2018-08-10 08:19:32

Aeolus sealed from view  

Kourou, French Guiana (ESA) Aug 10, 2018 As preparations for the launch of ESA's latest Earth Explorer continue on track, the team at Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana has bid farewell to the Aeolus satellite as it was sealed from view in its Vega rocket fairing. Liftoff is set for 21 August at 21:20 GMT (23:20 CEST). Since its arrival at the launch site in early July, Aeolus has been thoroughly tested and fuelled with hydrazin

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2018-08-10 05:50:03

New satellite map shows ground deformation after Indonesian quake  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Aug 09, 2018 Scientists with NASA/Caltech's Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis project (ARIA) used new satellite data to produce a map of ground deformation on the resort island of Lombok, Indonesia, following a deadly 6.9-magnitude earthquake on August 5. The false-color map shows the amount of permanent surface movement that occurred, almost entirely due to the quake, over a 6-day period between sat

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2018-08-10 04:34:48

NASA invests in concepts for a vibrant future commercial space economy  

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 In an ongoing effort to foster commercial activity in space, NASA has selected 13 companies to study the future of commercial human spaceflight in low-Earth orbit, including long-range opportunities for the International Space Station. The studies will assess the potential growth of a low-Earth orbit economy and how to best stimulate private demand for commercial human spaceflight. The por

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2018-08-10 04:21:41

Tiny tunnels inside garnets appear to be the result of boring microorganisms  

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 Complex systems of microscopic tunnels found inside garnet crystals from Thailand are most likely the result of microorganisms making their homes inside these minerals, according to a study published August 8, 2018 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Magnus Ivarsson of the University of Southern Denmark and colleagues. Endolithic organisms are those that live inside a substrate, be it m

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2018-08-10 02:59:24

'Time has come' for US Space Force, sixth military branch: Pence  

Washington (AFP) Aug 9, 2018 Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday unveiled details of plans to build a US Space Force that would become the sixth branch of America's massive military, saying the time has come to prepare for "the next battlefield." President Donald Trump ordered the creation of Space Force in June, arguing the Pentagon needs it to tackle vulnerabilities in space and assert US dominance in orbit. Its

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2018-08-10 02:21:45

The Umov Effect: Space dust clouds and the mysteries of the universe  

Vladivostok, Russia (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 FEFU scientists are developing a methodology to calculate the ratio of dust and gas in comas and tails of comets. This will help learn more about the history of the Solar System and its development, as well as understand the processes that took part on different stages of universal evolution. A team of scientists from the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) under the supervision of the a

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2018-08-10 01:30:22

French research set to take off for the Sun  

Paris, France (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Parker Solar Probe will soon become the spacecraft to travel the closest to the Sun, by positioning itself a little over 6 million kilometers from our star's surface. During its journey within the solar corona, the NASA probe will notably have an onboard instrument developed by researchers from the CNRS, Universite d'Orleans, and the CNES. In total five French laboratories are involved in this m

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2018-08-10 01:02:58

Arianespace to launch Spire small satellites on Vega SSMS POC flight  

Paris, France (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 The multi-launch contract with Spire - a company providing weather, maritime, and aviation data to public and private customers - will cover a significant number of CubeSats to be launched on Vega as part of the Small Spacecraft Mission Service Proof Of Concept (POC) flight in 2019, as well as options on subsequent Vega flights. With more than 80 satellites placed in orbit during the past

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2018-08-09 04:55:46

NASA studies space applications for GaN crystals  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 An exotic material poised to become the semiconductor of choice for power electronics - because it is far more efficient than silicon - is now being eyed for potential applications in space. Two NASA teams are examining the use of gallium nitride, a crystal-type semiconductor compound first discovered in the 1980s, and currently used in consumer electronics such as laser diodes in DVD readers.

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2018-08-09 04:53:28

NASA announces new partnerships to develop space exploration technologies  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 NASA is partnering with six U.S. companies to develop 10 "tipping point" technologies that have the potential to significantly benefit the commercial space economy and future NASA missions, including lunar lander and deep space rocket engine technologies. Selections are based on the agency's third competitive Tipping Point solicitation, and have a combined total award value of approximatel

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2018-08-09 04:36:22

NASA poised to launch first Sun-skimming spaceship  

Tampa (AFP) Aug 8, 2018 NASA is poised to launch a $1.5 billion spacecraft on a brutally hot journey toward the Sun, offering scientists the closest-ever view of our strange and mysterious star. After the Parker Solar Probe blasts off from Cape Canaveral, Florida on August 11, it will become the first spacecraft ever to fly through the Sun's scorching atmosphere, known as the corona. Understanding how the coron

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2018-08-09 04:31:46

Mattis supports creation of command dedicated to space  

Washington (AFP) Aug 7, 2018 US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Tuesday he "absolutely" agrees the Pentagon should create a new command dedicated to space, but he stopped short of fully endorsing President Donald Trump's order to create a whole new Space Force. Trump in June ordered the creation of Space Force, which he said would become the sixth branch of the US military, arguing the Pentagon needs a dedicated servi

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2018-08-09 03:57:13

Xenesis, Atlas and Laser Light form first space to ground all optical global data distribution joint venture  

Singapore (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 August 7, 2018 - 21st Century Data Distribution Network Exclusively for Space to Earth Data. Global Direct Access Improves Margin by Lowering Costs. Services Near Earth, Cislunar, and Deep Space Data Platforms Enhanced Security. Xenesis, ATLAS Space Operations, and Laser Light Communications have joined forces in a Service-Level Solution - Empower Space Alliance. Empower Space will provide

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2018-08-09 03:47:04

Dyenetics, Lockheed chosen for work on 100 KW laser weapon  

Washington (UPI) Aug 7, 2018 Dynetics, Lockheed Martin and other partner companies have received a $10 million contract for further development of the 100-kilowatt High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator program. Lockheed announced the contract Monday, and said a preliminary design review for the program is expected to start in January 2019. The companies recently completed a system requirements review and

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2018-08-09 03:44:31

NASA scientist reveals details of icy Greenland's heated geologic past  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Aug 08, 2018 By mapping the heat escaping from below the Greenland Ice Sheet, a NASA scientist has sharpened our understanding of the dynamics that dominate and shape terrestrial planets. Dr. Yasmina M. Martos, a planetary scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, mined publicly available magnetic field, gravity and other geologic information for clues about the amount and

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2018-08-09 02:54:15

Another blow for dark matter interpretation of galactic center excess  

Amsterdam, Netherlands (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 For almost ten years, astronomers have been studying a mysterious diffuse radiation coming from the center of our galaxy. Originally, it was thought that this radiation could originate from the elusive dark matter particles that many researchers are hoping to find. However, physicists from the University of Amsterdam/GRAPPA and the Laboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux de Physique Theorique have n

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2018-08-09 02:40:56

Envistacom contracted for DAGRS GPS systems  

Washington (UPI) Aug 7, 2018 Envistacom has announced it has received a contract for the DAGRS handheld GPS navigation system that is used for many military purposes. The contract, announced Tuesday by the company, is valued at up to $480 million over five years and covers both U.S. Army and Navy customers. The contract will include prototype design and other technical services to update the system. The AN/P

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2018-08-09 02:40:52

Observatory receives funds to repair St Croix radio telescope  

Socorro NM (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 The National Science Foundation (NSF) has provided $2 million to repair damage to the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) station on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands caused by Hurricane Maria in September of 2017. The funding is part of a bill passed by Congress and signed by the President on Feb. 9. The appropriations bill included disaster relief for hurricanes and wildfires during 2017.

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2018-08-09 02:22:39

It's Surprisingly Hard to Go to the Sun  

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 The Sun contains 99.8 percent of the mass in our solar system. Its gravitational pull is what keeps everything here, from tiny Mercury to the gas giants to the Oort Cloud, 186 billion miles away. But even though the Sun has such a powerful pull, it's surprisingly hard to actually go to the Sun: It takes 55 times more energy to go to the Sun than it does to go to Mars. Why is it so difficul

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2018-08-09 02:08:45

China's SatCom launch marketing not limited to business interest  

New Delhi (Sputnik) Aug 09, 2018 A report by the New Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation says that the impeccable capacity of China's launch vehicles puts it in direct competition with the West. According to the report, China is strategically capturing a major share of the international communications satellites market as part of a grand plan to benefit its own strategic interest as well as that of its allies. Expert

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2018-08-09 01:51:14

Touching the Sun to protect the Earth  

Ann Arbor MI (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 Justin Kasper, professor of climate and space sciences and engineering at the University of Michigan, is a mission principal investigator on the Parker Solar Probe, which is scheduled for launch Aug. 11 from Cape Canaveral, Fla. "The Parker Solar Probe will help us do a much better job of predicting when a disturbance in the solar wind could hit Earth," Kasper said. Kasper describes

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2018-08-09 01:39:52

Organic makeup of ancient meteorites sheds light on early solar system  

Manchester UK (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 The origin of organic matter found in meteorites that formed during the birth of the Solar System 4.5 billion years ago may provide key clues to understanding the birth of life here on Earth. It could also help astronomers investigate the potential habitability of other solar systems. That's according to a new study led by The University of Manchester. The new research, published in

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2018-08-09 01:09:16

Spacecraft to speed through Sun's atmosphere and snag solar wind  

Pasadena CA (SPX) Aug 08, 2018 A new NASA mission, set to launch on August 11, will whip through the Sun's sizzling outer atmosphere, or corona, flying closer to the Sun than any spacecraft before it. Observations by the mission, called the Parker Solar Probe, will lead to better predictions of space weather and address fundamental mysteries about the Sun's dynamic corona. One of these mysteries has to do with high-spee

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2018-08-08 11:19:42

Aerojet Rocketdyne delivers power generator for Mars 2020 Rover  

Los Angeles CA (SPX) Aug 08, 2018 Aerojet Rocketdyne, in collaboration with Teledyne, recently delivered the electrical power generator for NASA's Mars 2020 rover to the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Idaho National Laboratory (INL), where it will be fueled, tested and readied for flight. In addition to providing the primary power source for the rover, Aerojet Rocketdyne is also playing a critical role in spacecraft propulsio

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2018-08-08 11:07:47

China to launch space station Tiangong in 2022, welcomes foreign astronauts  

Beijing (Sputnik) Aug 08, 2018 China's space station Tiangong, or Heavenly Palace, is scheduled to launch in 2022. The facility, which is expected to adhere to similar standards as the International Space Station (ISS), will be open to foreign astronauts. Larger than the 140-ton Russian Mir space station, the Tiangong will consist of a core module and two laboratory cabins, large enough to accommodate three to six astro

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2018-08-08 10:55:09

Team Dynetics receives contract for next phase of 100kW laser weapon system for US Army  

Huntsville AL (SPX) Aug 07, 2018 The U.S. Army awarded Dynetics, Lockheed Martin and its partners a $10 million contract to continue development for the next phase of the High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator (HEL TVD) program, a 100-kilowatt class laser weapon system. Laser weapons are ideally suited to address high volume, low cost threats because of their inexpensive cost per shot and deep magazine. Team Dyne

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2018-08-08 10:13:30

Loft Orbital announces inSpace mission partner program to standardize access to space  

San Francisco CA (SPX) Aug 08, 2018 Loft Orbital Solutions, a provider of Space Infrastructure as a Service, announced this week that it has signed agreements with over 20 companies to join its inSpace Mission Partner Program as inaugural members. inSpace partners are companies across the space value chain with whom Loft Orbital will collaborate for its end-to-end space mission offering. These partners span Satellite Bus, Launch S

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2018-08-08 09:44:25

Lockheed contracted for Trident II missile production  

Washington (UPI) Aug 6, 2018 Lockheed Martin Space Systems has received a $22.3 million for fiscal 2019 Trident II missile production. Work on the contract, announced Friday by the Department of Defense, will be performed in Sunnyvale, Calif., with an expected completion date of September 2023. Navy fiscal 2018 weapons procurement funds in the amount of $22.3 million have been obligated at the time of award.

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2018-08-08 08:54:35

NASA makes progress toward planetary science decadal priorities  

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 08, 2018 Despite significant cuts to NASA's Planetary Science Division budget early in this decade, the space agency has made impressive progress in meeting goals outlined in the 2013-2022 planetary decadal survey by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, says a new midterm assessment from the National Academies. The report notes that the agency met or exceeded the decadal s

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2018-08-08 07:46:10

Ricocheting radio waves monitor the tiniest movements in a room  

Durham NC (SPX) Aug 07, 2018 Relief may be on the horizon for anyone who has ever jumped around a room like a jack-in-the-box to get motion-sensing lights to turn back on, thanks to a new motion sensor based on metamaterials that is sensitive enough to monitor a person's breathing. In a pair of new studies, researchers from Duke University and Institut Langevin, France, have shown that patterns made by radio waves can

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2018-08-08 07:46:02

Million fold increase in the power of waves near Jupiter's moon Ganymede  

Potsdam, Germany (SPX) Aug 08, 2018 Listening to electro-magnetic waves around the Earth, converted to sound, is almost like listening to singing and chirping birds at dawn with a crackling camp fire nearby. This is why such waves are called chorus waves. They cause polar lights but also high-energy 'killer' electrons that can damage spacecraft. In a recent study to be published in Nature Communications, the authors describe

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2018-08-08 07:40:32

Planetary Defense Has New Tool in Weather Satellite Lightning Detector  

Moffett Field CA (SPX) Aug 07, 2018 NASA's efforts to better understand asteroid impacts has found unexpected support from a new satellite sensor designed to detect lightning. New research published in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science finds that the new Geostationary Lightning Mapper, or GLM, on two weather satellites is able to pick up signals of meteors in Earth's atmosphere. "GLM detects these meteors when th

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2018-08-08 07:35:04

Recipe for a spacewalk  

Paris (ESA) Aug 08, 2018 ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen may be stationed on the ground, but his expertise was vital to the recent spacewalk of two NASA astronauts, Drew Feustel and Ricky Arnold. From maintaining constant radio contact on the day, to simulating activities underwater and planning for emergencies months in advance, he shares what it takes to make a spacewalk run smoothly as Europe's second ever ground supp

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2018-08-08 06:52:57

Largest haul of extrasolar planets for Japan  

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Aug 08, 2018 Forty-four planets in solar systems beyond our own have been unveiled in one go, dwarfing the usual number of confirmations from extrasolar surveys, which is typically a dozen or less. The findings will improve our models of solar systems and may help researchers investigate exoplanet atmospheres. Novel techniques developed to validate the find could hugely accelerate the confirmation of more ex

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2018-08-08 06:20:08

Still no change in Opportunity's status  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Aug 08, 2018 There is no news since the last status update. As reported last week, the planet-encircling dust storm on Mars is showing indications of peaking and perhaps decaying. Dust lifting sites have decreased in extent and some surface features are starting to become visible. The storm has sustained high atmospheric opacity conditions over the Opportunity site, although there are some prelim

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2018-08-08 03:05:50

New launch unit standards announced for smallsats  

Logan UT (SPX) Aug 08, 2018 The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace) announced details of a new small satellite (smallsat) standard called a Launch Unit (Launch-U) during a briefing at the Small Satellite Conference in Logan, Utah. This standard provides major benefits to the smallsat industry-manufacturers, launch providers, and satellite users-by increasing access to space and decreasing launch costs. It also enables

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2018-08-08 03:01:21

A kernel of promise in popcorn-powered robots  

Ithaca NY (SPX) Aug 07, 2018 Cornell University researchers have discovered how to power simple robots with a novel substance that, when heated, can expand more than 10 times in size, change its viscosity by a factor of 10 and transition from regular to highly irregular granules with surprising force. You can also eat it with a little butter and salt. "Popcorn-Driven Robotic Actuators," a recent paper co-authore

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2018-08-08 02:03:44

TESS catches a comet before starting planet hunting mission  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Aug 07, 2018 Before NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) started science operations on July 25, 2018, the planet hunter sent back a stunning sequence of serendipitous images showing the motion of a comet. Taken over the course of 17 hours on July 25, these TESS images helped demonstrate the satellite's ability to collect a prolonged set of stable periodic images covering a broad region o

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2018-08-07 03:55:18

PLD SPACE signs a 25-year concession for rocket engine testing at Teruel Airport  

Teruel, Spain (SPX) Aug 07, 2018 PLD Space and the Teruel Airport Consortium have signed the formalization of the concession of a 13,337 m2 space in the Teruel Airport for the company that develops launcher technology. The agreement will be in force for a period of 25 years, with the option of an additional 10-year extension. The Governing Council of the Teruel Airport Consortium approved in its session of December the 20

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2018-08-07 03:46:53

Aerojet Rocketdyne boosters complete simulated air-launch tests  

Huntsville AL (SPX) Aug 07, 2018 Aerojet Rocketdyne's advanced tactical booster program recently completed two successful hot-fire tests of a motor that had been conditioned to mimic extreme cold- and hot-soak conditions for air-launch application. The tests took place at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Edwards Air Force Base in California. "Aerojet Rocketdyne has been the leading supplier of missile technolog

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2018-08-07 03:34:54

Parker Solar Probe could revolutionize understanding of the sun  

Washington (UPI) Aug 6, 2018 NASA's Parker Solar Probe is expected to fly closer to the sun than any spacecraft in history. Scientists expect the spacecraft's record trip, scheduled for Aug. 11, to offer profound insights into the nature of the sun's atmosphere, called the corona and its solar winds. The sun's corona is full of mysteries. "The Parker Solar Probe's observations will help us answer ques

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2018-08-07 03:28:21

"Great Show" predicted for Perseid meteor peak on August 12-13  

Boston MA (SPX) Aug 07, 2018 The Perseid meteor shower, an annual celestial event beloved by millions of skywatchers around the world, is about to make its annual return to the night sky. And thanks to a new Moon, there'll be no bright moonlight to hinder the view. Sky and Telescope magazine predicts that this year's Perseid shower will reach its peak on Sunday night, August 12th, and early morning on the 13th. You wi

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2018-08-07 03:25:36

China solicits international cooperation experiments on space station  

Beijing (XNA) Aug 07, 2018 China is asking the world to collaborate in experiments on its planned space station so as to promote international space cooperation and sustainable global development. The Committee on Science and Technology Experiments of the Chinese Space Station was established recently under the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST). The offer is open to the entire international community. P

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2018-08-07 03:13:51

Researchers at the University of New Mexico uncover remnants of early solar system  

Albuquerque NM (SPX) Aug 07, 2018 Scientists believe the solar system was formed some 4.6 billion years ago when a cloud of gas and dust collapsed under gravity possibly triggered by cataclysmic explosion from a nearby massive star or supernova. As this cloud collapsed, it formed a spinning disk with the sun in the center. Since then scientists have been able to establish the formation of the solar system piece by piece. N

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2018-08-07 03:10:24

Workshop advances plans for coping with disruptions on ITER  

Plainsboro NJ (SPX) Aug 06, 2018 The sixth Annual Theory and Simulation of Disruptions Workshop at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) made substantial progress toward planning a system for mitigating disruptions on ITER, the international experiment under construction in France to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion power. Disruptions, the sudden loss of heat in plasma that

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2018-08-07 02:54:06

North Korea criticises 'alarming' US impatience on denuclearisation  

Singapore (AFP) Aug 4, 2018 North Korea on Saturday said the US was acting with "alarming" impatience on the issue of denuclearisation, after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressed the need to maintain full sanctions pressure on Pyongyang. The contrasting comments at a security forum in Singapore came after a new UN report showed Pyongyang was continuing with its nuclear and missile programmes and evading sanctions th

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2018-08-07 02:48:09

Canadian telescope picks up mysterious, low-frequency fast radio burst  

Washington (UPI) Aug 6, 2018 Canada's newest radio telescope has recorded the first fast radio burst featuring low-frequency waves. The unusual fast radio burst, or FRB, was originally picked up by the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment, or CHIME, in late July. The novel signal was reported by McGill University astronomer Patrick Boyle in the Astronomer's Telegram last week. "The event is clearly

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2018-08-07 02:37:06

Cars and Planes Are Safer Thanks to This Tool Developed for Shuttle  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Aug 06, 2018 On Feb. 1, 2003, just minutes before Space Shuttle Columbia was due to touch down, the spacecraft suffered a catastrophic failure - all because of a piece of foam that had broke off and knocked into the leading edge of the wing during launch 17 days earlier. Getting to that answer - and ensuring that it couldn't happen again-took months of investigation and the creation of new tools that d

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2018-08-07 02:22:18

NKorea has not stopped nuclear, missile programs: UN report  

United Nations, United States (AFP) Aug 4, 2018 North Korea has pressed ahead with its nuclear and missile programs and continues to evade UN sanctions through increased illegal ship-to-ship transfers of oil products at sea, a UN report said Friday. In a 62-page report sent to the Security Council, the UN panel of experts also listed violations of a ban on North Korean exports of coal, iron, seafood and other products that generate millio

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2018-08-07 02:19:29

Lockheed receives contract for advanced satellite communications  

Washington (UPI) Aug 6, 2018 Lockheed Martin Space Systems has received a $32 million modification to an existing contract for Advanced Extremely High Frequency Satellite Vehicle 4. The modification, announced Friday by the Department of Defense, provides for SV 4 operational resiliency phase one of the AEHF. Work will be performed in Sunnyvale, Calif., and is projected to be finished by January 2021. Air Fo

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2018-08-07 02:11:40

ISS end-of-life options  

Bethesda, MD (SPX) Aug 07, 2018 NASA expects to end support of the International Space Station (ISS) in about six years. Several people have already made a number of suggestions regarding the future of the ISS. One obvious choice is to simply de-orbit the million-pound vehicle into an ocean. This can be done by attaching a propulsive de-orbit module that slows the vehicle such that it follows a prescribed atmospheric entry tr

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2018-08-07 01:44:26

7,000 small satellites to be launched over coming decade  

Paris, France (SPX) Aug 07, 2018 According to Euroconsult's latest report, Prospects for the Small Satellite Market, a significant expansion is underway in the smallsat market, both in terms of demand and systems' capabilities. About 7,000 smallsats are due to be launched over the next ten years, i.e. a six-fold increase from the 1,200 units launched over the past decade. About 50 constellations, two of which are mega constella

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2018-08-07 01:26:48

Sorry Elon Musk, but it's now clear that colonising Mars is unlikely  

London, UK (The Conversation) Aug 06, 2018 Space X and Tesla founder Elon Musk has a vision for colonising Mars, based on a big rocket, nuclear explosions and an infrastructure to transport millions of people there. This was seen as highly ambitious but technically challenging in several ways. Planetary protection rules and the difficulties of terraforming (making the planet hospitable by, for example, warming it up) and dealing with the

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2018-08-05 06:50:22

Ready for Its Day in the Sun: The SWEAP Investigation  

Boston MA (SPX) Aug 06, 2018 When NASA's Parker Solar Probe launches into space from the Kennedy Space Center, it will begin its journey to the Sun, our nearest star. The Parker Solar Probe will travel almost 90 million miles and eventually enter through the Sun's outer atmosphere to encounter a dangerous environment of intense heat and solar radiation. During this harrowing journey, it will fly closer to the Sun than any o

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2018-08-05 06:38:41

The Fading Ghost of a Long-Dead Star  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Aug 03, 2018 Thin, red veins of energized gas mark the location of one of the larger supernova remnants in the Milky Way galaxy in this image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. A supernova "remnant" refers to the collective, leftover signs of an exploded star, or supernova. The red filaments in this image belong to a supernova remnant known as HBH 3 that was first observed in 1966 using radio telesco

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2018-08-05 06:26:14

Bangladesh PM opens satellite ground stations  

Dhaka (XNA) Aug 06, 2018 Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday officially opened two ground stations for the country's first satellite code-named "Bangabandhu Satellite-1". The ground stations are situated at Telipara in Gazipur on the outskirts of capital Dhaka and Bethbunia in southeastern Bangladesh's Rangamati district. Hasina inaugurated the stations via video conferences with officials fr

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2018-08-05 06:24:03

Astronomers blown away by historic stellar blast  

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 06, 2018 Imagine traveling to the Moon in just 20 seconds! That's how fast material from a 170 year old stellar eruption sped away from the unstable, eruptive, and extremely massive star Eta Carinae. Astronomers conclude that this is the fastest jettisoned gas ever measured from a stellar outburst that didn't result in the complete annihilation of the star. The blast, from the most luminous s

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2018-08-05 05:28:49

Laser Communications Demonstrated From Cubesats For The First Time  

El Segundo CA (SPX) Aug 06, 2018 The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace) announced a milestone with the Optical Communications and Sensor Demonstration (OCSD) mission. The laser communication system, carried by the two low-Earth-orbiting OCSD CubeSats also known as AeroCube-7B and Aerocube-7C, successfully transmitted data at a rate of 100 megabits per second which is 50 times greater than typical communication systems for

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2018-08-05 05:22:42

Navy Satellite System Receives Green Light for Expanded Operational Use  

San Diego CA (SPX) Aug 03, 2018 The US Navy reports that its next generation narrowband satellite communication system has been approved for expanded operational use by U.S. Strategic Command. The authorization paves the way for Navy and Marine Corps early-adopter commands to use the system on deployment as early as this fall, primarily in the Pacific theater. The Navy's on-orbit, five-satellite constellation - the

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2018-08-05 05:17:10

Top Five Technologies Needed for a Spacecraft to Survive Deep Space  

Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Aug 06, 2018 When a spacecraft built for humans ventures into deep space, it requires an array of features to keep it and a crew inside safe. Both distance and duration demand that spacecraft must have systems that can reliably operate far from home, be capable of keeping astronauts alive in case of emergencies and still be light enough that a rocket can launch it. Missions near the Moon will sta

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2018-08-05 04:39:24

Tesla says on track for profit despite bigger 2Q loss  

San Francisco (AFP) Aug 2, 2018 Tesla shares revved on Wednesday on news the electric car maker is on the road to being profitable this year despite losing more money than analysts expected in the recently ended quarter. Tesla shares raced up more than 9 percent to $328.99 in after-market trades that followed release of earnings figures and a call in which chief executive Elon Musk patiently fielded questions and expressed

what do you think?

2018-08-05 04:28:48

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